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One Whippet is Never Enough!

by Sarah Seiderman

I have been breeding whippets since 1968. During my first encounter with the whippet dog breeders, I signed a contract that stipulated that they expected me to "show" the puppy they were offering me.

He was pure white with a lot of pigment. He had very dark "mascara" and golden spotted ears. I had never shown a dog and had a lot to learn. Luckily, "Snowy" won his Championship in the USA while still quite young.

When he was about a year old, I took him to my other residence in Portugal and began showing him there. At this point he had never been bred.

Strangely, one night, a nice dog followed us home. She actually looked like a whippet, but of course I could not consider her anything but a stray.

We eventually named her "Stella" because of the star on her forehead… and then she came into heat! There was little I could do to stop what happened next.

Suddenly Snowy learned what it meant to breed and (after being shown what to do) he went at it with a lot of determination.

So they "made love" several times, until the heat was over, and I was sure that I would have about a dozen puppies to find homes for but Stella had only one puppy! He was pure white like his daddy but with a black patch over one eye!

So he became "Pirate" and he was healthy and active. Unfortunately, I had to give Stella and Pirate to friends when I returned to America.

Since then, every breeding I have done with Snowy and other whippets has produced seven or eight puppies (so how to explain the one puppy?)

The last beauty I bred, more than 12 years ago, gave me seven females puppies!

I had developed a contract that insured these AKC registered dogs would have secure futures (possibly in the show ring, if they were so destined) and I interviewed and house-checked every applicant before placing them.

I still hear from some of those owners and their dogs have either been shown successfully or have been spayed and are doing well.

My recommendation to anyone interested in acquiring a dog of this breed is to make sure of your purpose in buying a whippet.

Show people know what to look for but many people buy from back yard breeders which sooner or later show bad flaws.

Watch out for a whippet puppy for sale with a curly tail, ears that stand up, lack of depth of chest and any sign of aggression. These are not good whippet dogs and are usually not registered with the AKC or the equivalent in your country.

If you do buy a whippet puppy for sale that is not perfect, there are many other activities besides showing at which your dog can excel.

Here in the USA, there is lure coursing, racing with or without hurdles, training in obedience, agility, flyball, jumping and other endurance trials.

Be absolutely sure to spay/neuter any whippet who is not going to qualify for the show ring! We do not want to reproduce faults in the breed.

Most whippets don't like the water but will run on the beach or in a field very happily. All of my registered dogs and their litters have had a minimum of exercise but they have all remained healthy and good-looking to the end of their "couch potato" existence.

And, finally, referring to the title of this note, I have a warning: one is not enough!

It is wonderful to have several whippets in the house. They are quiet, clean and marvelously affectionate. What else could one want in a pet?

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