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2 Year Old Sharing with a Whippet

by Donald
(Temecula CA)

My family and I adopted a whippet about 4 years ago. It started out very rocky.

The hardest part was bringing our new member into our house and him not being used to a 1 and 2 year old.

The funny thing was that it was not the whippet we had to train, it was our son.

Noah who is now almost 6 was very excited to see our new family member Apollo. He was so excited that he was always attempting to share his matchbox car with Apollo.

Please, remember that Noah was only 2 at the time so his version was to take the car and hit Apollo on the head with it.

We thought we were doomed and this went on for 5 months. The problem was not Apollo, it was our son trying to share with his new friend.

So, we began on a venture, immediately trying to train our son on how to handle animals.

Five months into it and we were ready to surrender Apollo back to his owner. Then, at the last minute, as we were getting ready to send Apollo to his new home we witnessed a light switch go off with our son.

We quickly called the family coming to pick Apollo up and told them there had been a change of plans.

They were very understanding. It has now been 4 years since we adopted Apollo and he is just like part of the family.

This is the 4th dog that I have owned in my lifetime and I can honestly say from poodle to golden that I will remain a whippet lover for the rest of my life. This dog has been very loyal to us as a family and very obedient.

Hats off to both of you Noah and Apollo.

Love, Dad

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Loyal Dogs
by: Anonymous

I have found the same thing.
My Whippet Zelda is the most loyal, calm and gentle dog I have ever owned.
When all my kids have left home I'm gonna replace them with whippets :D
Whippets have become my favorite dog for sure!

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