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Whippet Poems

Whippet poems contest: send us your most inspired poems. The best rhymes will have a special place on this page!

Try the limerick as form of poetry. Limericks are easy, fun and they will unleash your mischievous, nonsensical nature.

Even I (probably the least poetic person in the world) tried to write a limerick about my dog.

Here goes the fruit of my poetic efforts.

There was once an old whippet in Rome

who always chew on a tasty bone

he fell from the couch

but he didn't say “ouch”

That silly old whippet in Rome

Best Whippet Poem (so far...)

And this is a lovely and clever limerick sent by a visitor:

The Pain in Spain Comes Mainly from Great Danes

by Maryann Valois (Elk Mound, WI)

There once was a whippet in Spain

who had never experienced pain

except for the time

that he swallowed a dime

that belonged to an angry Great Dane.

How to Create a Limerick

Here are the basic rules of the limerick:

*it’s a five line poem

*it is humorous, witty and often nonsensical

*the end of the first, second and fifth line have one rhyme and the third and forth a different one

*the rhyme scheme is AA BB A

*the first line often introduces a place that also appears at the end of the last verse

*usually there are nine syllables in the first, second and last verse, five syllables in the third and fourth verse (9-9-5-5-9).

Edward Lear wrote many delightful limericks and popularized this form of poetry.

Here is a typical Lear's limerick:

There was a Young Lady of Ryde,

Whose shoe-strings were seldom untied.

She purchased some clogs,

And some small spotted dogs,

And frequently walked about Ryde.

Click here to read more about limericks.

Have a go, here you'll find a rhyming dictionary to trigger your creativity.

Celebrate your dog, have fun and enter your best dog poems below!

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