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Whippet Dog Story: Rescued Whippet

by Helena Lewis

Bella with Ozzy

Bella with Ozzy

My whippet dog story is about Bella, my beloved whippet who has been with me for 3 months. I reside in Cyprus and unfortunately, hunting dogs, if they are not doing a "good job", are abandoned by their Cypriot owners.

Bella was found in late August abandoned near a football stadium at the tender age of 6 months. Luckily she was found and handed to a dog sanctuary which does an amazing work for all the dogs who are not wanted.

In early October, I visited the sanctuary to find a companion for my Black Labrador, Ozzy, who I found wandering the streets 7 month earlier. Bella was our choice from 120 dogs and we brought her home for the weekend to see if she settled with Ozzy. She did and she is an absolute joy, tender, loving and so funny. Ozzy loves her and she loves him too.

If we had not rescued her when we did, she would have eventually been put down as the sanctuaries are unable to cope with the huge amount of abandoned dogs.

I have had Labradors before but never Whippets, I would highly recommend the breed to anyone.

Helena Lewis

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Bella - update
by: Helena Lewis

Thank you to all those who have commented on my story in rescuing Bella.

She has now been with us for over 1 year and is part of our daily life. She and Ozzy (my black Labrador) come to the office with me daily, luckily I have my own business.

They love meeting people and of course their rescue story always gets people every time, so they can be quite spoiled.

Worth the effort in having a dog in every way, both are my pride and joy and I would not be without them.

Have a Happy Life Together
by: Not Anonymous1.444

I want a whippet soon!! but, I have three cats. Oh well, I guess I can read about other people having them at least.

by: Anonymous

what a lovely story. I'm sure you and Bella will have many happy years together

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