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Feeding a Whippet 101

The best way of feeding a whippet depends on your pet’s age, the level of activity of your dog, the climate you live in and last but not least your budget and life style.

Best food for whippets

Finding the perfect solution requires some research and observing your dog. 

In a life time with dogs, I fed my pets with homemade food, dry, moist, commercial food and raw food depending on the dogs and the situation.

Observing your dog’s health, fitness and well-being will be the best guide in your decision.

In this page I’ll try to give you enough information to help you design a diet that takes into consideration your dog's needs and your lifestyle.

Which might be the best way of feeding a whippet is still controversial and unfortunately what makes an appropriate diet in a whippet view and in yours is probably not the same. 

What to Feed Your Whippet

Best Food for Whippets

In the past the only option was making your own dog food at home. Dog diet was an easy resolved matter, it consisted of cooked meat scraps and rice plus some occasional left over.

The dogs enjoyed the food variety and a reasonable good health but this regimen involved a good deal of extra cooking, storing, shopping and general laboring. I must admit I welcomed the advent of dry dog food with immense gratitude.

For convenience reasons I never gave my whippets any other option but grain free dry dog food and some occasional table scrap added for variety.

My whippets always did very well on this diet as long as I stuck to the best dry dog foods. Whenever I strayed from the premium brands I was punished with skin problems and consequent unwelcome vet bills.

I found out at my expense that veterinary bills can exceed what you might save on less nutritious dog food.

Even dry food loses nutrients in time and the fats can degrade and become rancid. Check the expiration date and store the food in a dry cool place.

Homemade Dog Food

The debate between the proponents of home made dog food and those who prefer commercial feeds is still open.

On one side commercial diets have been tested on entire generation of dogs, their components provide optimal nutrition and the best dry dog foods contain human-quality ingredients.

On another hand these foods are highly processed and are very unlike a dog’s natural diet.

Dog Raw Food Diet

Proponent of raw dog food diet, feed their dogs whole raw animal carcasses pointing out that this diet is closer to the natural diet of wild animals and claiming good results for the health of their pets and savings on food bills.

Sometime ago I began to introduce my whippets to the dog raw food diet and they seemed to appreciate it but our experiments were cut short by the break down of our fridge. 

After this episode I wasn’t able to start a BARF diet again, so I can hardly call myself an expert in dog raw food diet.

Nevertheless I find this kind of diet and the benefits claimed by its proponents interesting.

Occasional Selected Table Scraps

Who can resist those imploring eyes? For variety you can add a little quantity of table scraps to your pet’s food bowl like meat, boneless chicken, eggs or rice.

What Not to Feed Your Whippet


Chocolate is poisonous for dogs. Recently it has been used to sweetly exterminate coyotes. Be egoistic, keep all your chocolate for yourself.

Brittle Bones

Resist those doe eyes. Cooked bones are brittle and can cause choking, intestinal blockage and pierced intestinal walls.

Unattended Human Food

Whippets show a diabolical ability in reading your mind and body language to catch the occasional moment of distraction. This whippet trait will teach you very effectively not to leave food around and will make of you a better housekeeper.


The inebriating smell of trash has earned whippets the name of garbage hounds. Again, this will improve your domestic abilities.

Feeding a Whippet - How Much Food?

If you use store bought dog food, follow the manufacturer instructions to find out the quantity of food your whippet needs, than observe your dog.

If he is getting fat and loses his curvy silhouette or consistently leaves food in his bowl, reduce the amount.

To determine the appropriate amount of food there is no other way but the trial and error method.

There are too many variables involved (weight, age, climate, level of activity) to determine once and for all a precise feeding table.

Dealing with Picky Eaters

You checked the labels of the best rated dog foods, got lost in the debate between proponents of the dog raw food diet, the fans of commercial foods and the advocate of their grandma home made dog food recipe.

Finally, you decided for the diet that seems most appropriate for your dog, budget and lifestyle but your pet squarely refuses to eat the nutritious dog food so amorously provided.

To your dismay you realize that your beloved companion would rather gorge himself with the most repulsing garbage instead of your carefully chosen food.

Whippets tend to be rather easygoing eaters especially if you are consistent with your choices right from the beginning but here are a few effective and tested techniques developed to deal with picky eaters.

Best Time for Feeding a Whippet

A good time to feed your dog would be after a walk.

Energetic exercise will increase your pet’s appetite and he will be less likely to fuss over his food.

Feeding a whippet at the same time every day, will make it  something to look forward to in the daily routine.

Divide the meal in two portions to be given in the morning and afternoon after the customary walks.

Offer your dog a small amount of food for few minutes only and promptly remove any left over. When your pet begins to show a better appetite, increase the quantities.

Don’t leave food available at all time. To be in charge of the food will give you a higher status with your dog, it provides better feeding hygiene and solves most picky eaters problems.

Add Water

To make dry dog food more appetizing, try adding some warm water.

Never Feed From the Table

To avoid begging, always add the table scraps to the dry food in your dog bowl.

Never feed your whippet from the table or when you are cooking. This habit will only spoil his appetite, teach him to use effectively those sweet eyes and make a beggar of him.

Vary the Flavor not the Brand

If you found the perfect food for your whippet but he gets bored and looses interest, try switching the flavor within the same brand you trust. 

Find out more about picky eaters and dog feeding here

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