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Whippet Training

Discover why whippet training will make life with your pet easier and more enjoyable.

The biggest favor you can do to yourself and your dog is to start a basic training program.

It doesn’t have to be anything too demanding, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money and it can be done at home.

All it requires is your commitment.

Too many dogs, left neglected, become a nuisance or a danger and have to be destroyed every year.

Avoid this terrible fate for your pet, engage in an activity that can be fun and rewarding for you and your dog and you’ll be able to enjoy his pleasant companionship for years to come.

If men come from Mars, women from Venus, dogs come from altogether another planet. They speak a different language from humans but are so receptive that they quickly learn our body language and many words.

It is our duty to make clear what we ask from them to make our living together possible and enjoyable.

Whippet training, whippet sitting

Dog training is a bridge of understanding between two species, sometimes it miraculously happens but sometimes it has to be consciously established. The rewards are so great that it is worth a little effort from our part.

Sighthounds are not the most obedient class of dogs. They are occasionally accused of being stupid and spiteful but this is simply not true: they were bred over the centuries to hunt independently and they retain an attitude of free thinkers.

Like any other dog they can be trained but they require positive dog training techniques and your patience.

The good news is that whippets are the most obedient and willing to please of the sighthound family.

It won’t be difficult to establish the basic rules and it will be fun to teach your whippet and learn from him.

Whippets are clever and whimsical and sometimes they will outsmart you in unexpected ways, this is part of the charm of living with such a beautiful and intelligent dog.

Whippet training can be a therapy for the trainer, it will teach you patience, self control and observation skills, be ready for surprises and have fun!

Whippet Training Basics

Don’t train when you are tired or upset

Dogs are very receptive to our moods. If your mind isn’t on the job, your pet’s mind will be somewhere else too.

Train your dog before meals

When praise and toys are not compelling enough, food will be a powerful tool. Food rewards given at the right moment will help you get your whippet attention.

Train your dog after exercise

If your dog has been home for many hours, he might be too hyper to listen to you. Give him a good walk and some off leash exercise and he will be more relaxed and open to learning.

Reward the success, ignore the failure

Keep a positive attitude. Stress success with treats and praise, ignore failure. You want your whippet to learn to succeed, not to be afraid of failure.

Keep it short and sweet

Five, ten minutes at most are your dog attention span. Many short session during the day will be more effective than a long one.

Always end on an happy note

Don’t end the session on a mistake. If necessary go back one step, ask for an easy exercise and give your pet the chance to end on a successful note.

Have fun!

If you get bored your dog will too! Try to end the session when your pet is still hungry for more. This way you’ll keep up his attention for the next lesson.

Whippet Training Tips

First Days at Home.

The first days with a puppy can be a magic moment or total chaos. Click here to make the best of the first days at home with your whippet puppy.

Do I need a crate?

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House Training

House training a dog can take days or much longer, be confident and don’t give up faith if some set back occur. Follow these simple guidelines and rest assured that success is attainable.

Puppy Training Games

Teach your puppy to come when called, to stop biting and to leave something.

Here Fido!

Coming on command is the most important step in dog training. Find out how to shape a reliable companionship.

Sit and Stay

Teach your whippet to sit politely.

Excessive Barking

Is your whippet too vocal? Find out how to curb his excitement.

Whippets sitting

Dog to Dog Aggression

If your whippet is afraid of other dogs your walks can become a misery. Find out how to curb your dog's aggressive behavior toward other dogs. 

Walking on Leash

My first whippet pup refused to walk on a leash and trained me to walk like a lunatic. After struggling for a month we discovered how to leash train him.

Lure Racing

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Training for Dog Shows

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Training the Garbage Hound

This whippet training technique will be of great help if your dog, despite all your nutritional efforts, turns out to be a great garbage hound.

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