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Dog Story: All I Want For Christmas is " ANGEL ".

by Cj Anderson
(Timmonsville, S.C.)

All I want for Christmas is Angel.

Angel captured my heart and my soul from the moment I first set eyes on her. She not only captured mine, but also many people all over the world, on Facebook.

You see, Angel came from a neglect case. She was left in a crate with two other dogs and forgotten about. She had no food, no water , no room to move around. She sat in her own feces and urine which soon began to wear down her skin into "bedsores".

Angel, Tinker and Belle were found and taken in by Animal Control.
They spent three days there waiting for someone to rescue them. No one came even after so many rescues were notified. That last day, A Guardian Angel named Patty Amoroso came to save them. She is with Furry Friends Rescue and Adoption in Jupiter Florida.

Angel or her sisters would not be here today if it were not for Patty.
Well, when I saw Angel's post on Facebook, I cried my heart out. I knew I wanted to just take her and hold her and make it all right. I had to be able to show her what it was like to be truly loved.

I kept posting comments and get well wishes and sending photos of my whippet Phoebe. I told Patty that I so wanted to adopt Angel when she got better and was ready.

I never once let up. I was so determined that I could not sleep at night hoping and wishing that I could bring her home for Christmas. That was all I wanted.
Angel was 12 lbs when brought in. She now weighs 20 lbs...and hopefully will continue to gain weight.

I got a message from Patty saying that I was the chosen family. Me, out of many from all over the world was chosen to adopt ANGEL. I CRIED. I could not STOP CRYING.

I started counting down the days till I could go get her. I live in S.C. and I made the 9 hour drive to go pick up Angel.

When I first met Patty, we hugged and cried together. Patty had been the one caring for Angel...along with the other techs at the rescue.
Everyone was in tears.

And, there was the news reporters there to report that Angel had found her home in time for Christmas.

I wish I could save them all and I wish I could adopt them all. But once in awhile there is that one that captures your soul. Angel was that one.
I feel as though I am the LUCKIEST person alive.
And I will love, honor, and cherish Angel for the rest of her life.

My Christmas is complete before it has even gotten here.
All I wanted for Christmas was " ANGEL "... and now I've got her.

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by: Triva

A beautiful story and a beautiful Angel :) Got me all teared up.

You are chosen for Angel!
by: jennifer mang

CJ, I just wanted to tell you I really do believe in my heart she was chosen for you and you both are so blessed! I been following this story since they found her and reading your story just tears me up with joyful tears! You are a wonderful person for rescuing Angel and I wish I could meet you in person to give you both hugs and kisses
But I will give you a cyber hug and kiss! Have a wonderful Christmas with a true Angel! Sincerely, Jennifer

How to Feed a Starved Whippet
by: Cj Anderson

I would love to know what would put weight on a starved whippet. It needs to be done slowly so it is easily digested.

Are there any recipes I can make that would help in putting on the lbs?

I adopted Angel. She came from a neglect case where she had been starved, left in a crate for weeks with no food, water, unable to move around.

She has been treated and has already put on some weight.

Her blood work is much better. She has been on NF, Rx diet for easy digestion but I was told I can wean her off it now...slowly.

She first was eating 8 small meals a day,now she is eating 4, 1 cup meals a day.

She weighs 20 lbs at this time. Was only 12 when found.

I once saw a recipe for meatballs and have heard of something called Satin Balls.

I think she needs to be on a low protein at this time.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


Merry Christmas to Angel!
by: Anonymous

Beautiful letter, happy for you & Angel!

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