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willow 1 brindle white puppy

My beautiful Whippet.

by Gabriella Mason 
(Nottingham )

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My beautiful Whippet. 
My Beautiful Willow the Whippet,Winston’s little sister. I knew the day we met you, Willow that you would be a very special part of our …

Blue Eyes 
Our beautiful whippet Clyde was born with blue eyes. These eyes only have a hint of blue left but he uses them to entrap virtually all who meet him. …

Hermione's Love and Trust 
I adopted Hermione when she was fourteen years old. She had several health issues; the most concerning was her untreated glaucoma. After just …

Very Unique Whippet 
Hefner who is now 10 is a Racer,Courser,Show and Models in Toronto Art School. Earned 10 titles,multiple ribbons,awards.Featured in many local papers,loves …

It’s early days yet as we’ve had her for just one month. She’s a three year old rescue. She was something of a ‘porker’ when she arrived but is now …

Race Time 
Lola is just nine months old and cannot go a day without running in the park chasing her favorite ball. Well ok, every ball is her favorite ball. She …

I’ll Grow into This Someday 
DOB 6/29/17. “Prince” grew into this sweater way too fast. What a sweetie he is - thank you Sue.

Winston ( Tigger ) 
He's a real joyful character, he's nearly 5 months old and he can fetch, run like the devil and jump like a kangaroo! He's a real joy to the family, …

Steeling Summerwind's Cameo  
Cami loves chasing the bunnies.

Whippet Pictures - Dog of the Day 
Name: Merlin Breed:Whippet Sex:Male Neutered Food: Fish (Barking Heads) Likes: Sleeping and our family dogs Dislikes: New dogs and young children …

Whippet Dog of the Day - Page 12 
Connor is from the Geelong area so when it comes to Aussie Rules (a strange football game that does not appear to have any rules) the boys follow, or chase …

Whippet Photos 
Dexter my 10 month old whippet enjoying his time on the beach. Digging is his 2nd favourite hobby after sleeping.

Whippet Pictures: Lily and Daisy 
We have 2 whippets, Lily and Daisy. They are 1/2 sisters from 2 different litters. This was a rare moment when they actually laid next to each other. …

Whippet Photos: Regal Margo 
Here she is again, looking very regal.

Whippet Pictures: Dog of the Day - Page #10 
Favorite activities include sleeping, laying in the sun, running and laying in the sun. Did I mention laying in the sun? :)

Alfie the Whippet Pup 
Hi, I am Alfie the whippet pup. I am growing fast and I have already 'tested' a little bit of the skirting board in the kitchen, but mum said it was …

Whippet Dog of the Day - Page 8 
Mandy received her collar from the 3rd whippet dog photo contest just a few days ago! Mandy loves wearing her beautiful blue collar all the time. The …

Whippet Dog of the Day - Page 7 
Two whippets, Lulu and Twiglet, both rescued from a farm in Wales, came to me when they were only 5 weeks old, very small and frightened. They soon …

Meeka the Whippet 
Meeka the whippet shares her home with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Dudley) and a Yorkshire Terrier (Benji). She is so full of fun and keeps her brothers …

Whippet Dog of the Day - Page 6 
These two hounds encompass the Essence of Whippet. One is the world's smartest dog, the other is the world's sweetest. I could list their abilities …

Whippet Dog of the Day - Page 4 
Finley just happened to us and we have been his slave ever since. He has settled in well.... a bit too well for our other dog Jack who has already …

Dog of the Day: Sleeping Whippets 
The only thing that would wake this pair is the sound of their food bag crackling..!

Whippet Puppies: Bailey's Babies 
Like this picture of Freddie and Bailey taken this morning 31st Oct 09.

Pictures of Whippets: Dog of the Day #11 
Beautiful Tito is a dignified Argentine gentleman -dignified, that is, until a ball or frisbee makes an appearance! He then becomes a frenzied maniac, …

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Whippet Dog of the Day: Roxy 
This is Roxy my 5yr old Whippet. I just took this the other day. I have two other whippets, but Roxy was just too cute and I had to take this shot. …

Whippet Dog of the Day - Page2 
We love our Natasha. In this whippet picture, we tried capturing her at full speed. She is a 1-1/2 yr old female. Whippets are so beautiful -- my husband …

Irish Whippet Pictures 
A whippet photo of Bailey in the snow. Just looking at that new photo of Tia reminds us of what Bailey looked like 8 months ago..they grow so fast!

Whippet Puppies: Tia 
My little girl Tia, at five weeks old. Isn't she the sweetest thing on earth?

Whippet Pictures: Poppy 
Here is another photo of our Whippet Poppy! Poppy was the dog of the day today, I was thinking to upload another one to show you what Poppy looks like …

Whippet Dog of the Day - Page 1 
Pip was rescued in July 2008 aged 5 after being used as a working dog, he was very skinny and had mange disease on his body and ears and looked very sad. …

Whippet Breeders: Pregnant Bailey 
She is always ready..

Mr. Robert Toich Not rated yet
This is Katie, she is 11 weeks in this photo. 100% angel when she's sleeping and full of energy when she is not. She's my new best friend. She had my …

Reggie the Whippet Not rated yet
The whole sofa is not enough. I must have a bed upon a sofa! Reggie enjoys sleeping on the one blanket he is not supposed to sleep on, eating...anything …

Meeko the Cheeky Whippy Not rated yet
Meeko is an outgoing, cheeky whippet. He will do anything for his favourite treat - roast chicken. He can jump through a hoop, spin, 'tell me a …

Prancer the Whippet Not rated yet
Loving pet of 11 year girl, keeps her sleeping throughout the night.

Beautiful Maile Not rated yet
Maile is a great whippet ambassador. She always draws a crowd, whether in Yellowstone, Gatlinburg, or any campground. “No she is not a greyhound, yes she …

Miss Molly  Not rated yet
Miss molly is 7 year's old now and what a lovely faithful friend, She adrores herself as I adore her. She is so smart that she would actually wind your …

Lola likes cappuccino Not rated yet
Lola is awesome-friendly. Protective and sweet

Whippylove! Not rated yet
I have 3 whippets Marley is 7 he's mummy's little helper, Oliver is 4 he's the happy one loves lazing about and Rolo he's 2 he's a proper little gentleman. …

Twiglet Bosses it! Not rated yet
Twig is the star of the domestic performance. Wether hiding the remote by lying in it so nobody turns over her favourite TV or nuzzling the bees away from …

Ozzy and Sassi Not rated yet
Our newest little treasure Ozzy with his big sister Sassi. Ozzy is 13 weeks and Sassi is 3 years old. She enjoys her mid day naps after a playful romp …

But, I AM Smiling for the Camera! Not rated yet
Luna, my adorable 2 year-old pup, loves to 'play sticks', pull carrots out of the garden, and best of all....cuddle!

Buster on the St. Croix River Not rated yet
Buster's a 4 year old and a very tall boy at nearly 24 inches. He weighs in at 39 lbs. and loves hunting squirrels.

My Blue Eyed Girl Not rated yet
Sassi Girl!

“Lucy the whippet” Not rated yet
I remember getting Lucy like it was yesterday. My mother and I drove long 2 1/2 hour car ride to the dog show in Cleveland, to go and pick up our new …

Cleo Watching her Favourite TV Show Not rated yet
Cleo is six months old, and has me totally charmed. She likes watching children's cartoons, but this English programme on the Battersea Dogs Home is definitely …

Surfer Sassi Not rated yet
Sassi at 6 mos old, learning to enjoy the water.

Father and Daughter Not rated yet
This is Floyd and his daughter Bambi.

Kelsey Not rated yet
Kelsey is the most joyful puppy ever. He loves to walk in the park, go to obedience training (well, sort of) and cuddle in bed. He's four months …

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Chloe Bella  Not rated yet
8 months old, but already have stolen our hearts! She is a lover, not a fighter. Loves her hoomans!!! Sweet, fun, still very much in the puppy stage!!! …

Spring is Here at Last! Not rated yet
After a Long Hard Winter, Spring is Here at last and Our 12 Year Old Whippet, "Jolene" says... "Sunshine on My Shoulder Makes Me Happy"

Ready for Oregon Rainy Weather Not rated yet
We are always together! Can't imagine my life without my best friend!

Zoe the Whippet Not rated yet
We were adopted by Zoe when she was seven months old. Here she is with our German Short-haired pointer, Antje.

Here is my Whippet Corbin in his Coat  Not rated yet
He loves to chase our cat, who then chases him back (our kitty is a big orange tabby 19lbs at last weigh in), loungng on the bed all day and sun bathing …

Floyd Not rated yet
Name: Floyd Breed:Whippet Sex:Male Food:Dry food, he likes to steal cheese Likes: Sleeping

Tired and Emotional Not rated yet
Hebe is just 12 months old and had a hard day at the beach.

Lincolnshire Working Whippet Not rated yet
Zippy is just coming in to form - from gypsy's at Burgh le Marsh Camp he is the real deal - mustard on the hare and a pussycat in the house. A gem of a …

Minnie the Minx Not rated yet
We have had her for 2 weeks. She is 10wks old, cheeky , very loving but a very picky eater. She already responds to "come" and "sit" and knows her harness …

Three Years Later Not rated yet
It's been a little over three years since Tigger won the contest for the beautiful hand made collar from He wears it every day and …

Lótus Eliseu, the Beloved One Not rated yet
Lótus is my beautiful blue whippet. He is 4 years old. He is a sweetye but also a thief. Even when one is paying a lot of attention to a dish, he is …

Shadow Not rated yet
Le encanta mirar por la ventana y jugar en la montaña.

Mardi Gras Monty Not rated yet
Monty Python is 1st Whippet I ever owned, and will only have this breed from now on. Don't know what I'd do without him. Hes also my service dog (seizures), …

Whippet of the Day Not rated yet
Kyle is a two year old Whippet, who enjoys the finer things in life. His hobbies include stealing shoes and ripping the soles out of them, playing …

Whippet Dog of the Day: Greta Not rated yet
I am Greta, I am an adult now, but my owner thinks I am a baby, she hugs me and treats me like a baby. I am a mother now, I have Tuvia living with …

K8 the Whippet Not rated yet
I snapped this photo of K8 when things were a little too quiet (which usually means she's into something and being sneaky about it) to my surprise, she …

My Whippet Mates Not rated yet
Whippet relaxing on the jetty at sunset.

My Whippet Jullie Not rated yet
Update: my whippet Jullie is now 7 months old and still completely adorable. Jullie is so very loving, she absolutely loves everybody and particularly …

Whippet Dog of the Day - Page 9 Not rated yet
My two whippets, Kitt (male blue brindle) and Winnie (female white part brindle) are just over two years old. Brother and sister, I had Kitt at twelve …

Greta, the Whippet Dog of the Day Not rated yet
My whippet Greta is two years old, and she is ready for a boyfriend!! I am looking for a handsome whippet. She is starting, and I guess in 10 days she …

Mikey the Whippet Dog of the Day Not rated yet
Theron (left) and Mikey participating in the favorite pastime, Lying in the dirt on a sunny day.

Badger the Whippet Not rated yet
Badger is now 14 months old and is now traveling much better in the car. He is a real character and very easy to train.He lives with Dilwyn a red and …

Whippet Puppy Louie Not rated yet
This is my whippet puppy Louie, he is now 13 weeks old and getting up to no good!! He has had all his injections now and he really loves going to the …

Whippet Fun: Bailey and Cooper Not rated yet
Always on the alert.

Whippet Dog of the Day - Page 5 Not rated yet
Magic is 7 months old but we have had him since he was just 9 weeks! At first he was a little terror, pulling things off the airer, fishing things out …

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Dog of the Day: Artie the Whippet Not rated yet
I have a beautiful male whippet named Artie Cosmo Kramer I, but he prefers "Artie". He is fawn/white and just turned 7 months old! He loves to …

Whippet Dog of the Day - Page 3 Not rated yet
Our beautiful whippet dog Duke is a wonderful addition to our household. We have recently noticed a wild rabbit in our property and our whippet Duke …

Whippet Dog from Norway Not rated yet
He is the most pleasant and beloved dog. Full of energy and appreciate taking a nap. His date of birth 08.08.08. This picture was taken outside. Regars …

Whippet Pictures: Ruby Not rated yet
Cruising the cliffs of the beach of Pt. Willunga South Australia. I have discovered the wonderful nature and intelligence of this most affectionate cuddly …

Whippet Puppies Not rated yet
Lilly is nearly 2, in these photo's she was around 4 months. She is a lovely whippet...

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