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How Long Do Whippets Live?

lola at he beach watercolor

How long do whippets live? Prospective owners often ask this crucial question. Read on to find out for how long you can expect to enjoy the company of your pet.

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Reggie the Whippet

The whole sofa is not enough. I must have a bed upon a sofa! Reggie enjoys sleeping on the one blanket he is not supposed to sleep on, eating...anything

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Attractive,Racer,Big success,Models in a Art School

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Love Whippets

My first whippet was a fawn and I loved her so much, kids would call her Santa’s helper ❤️ sadly she passed away earlier this year and now I have two

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Whippet Colour - What's Your Favourite?

ai black and white whippet on orange sofa

What's the best whippet colour? Just take your pick! These hounds come in every colour and colour combination.

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How Big Do Whippets Get?

how to measure at the whithers

How big do whippets get in USA and Europe, what's a whippet growth rate and how to measure your dog.

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Whippet Dog Breed Information

Watercolor digital whippet

Looking for whippet dog breed information? Find out how it’s life with whippets, how fast they are, if they are good apartment dogs and more.

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What breed is she?

I just adopted Suki from the prison and parole program. The inmate believes that she’s boxer/whippet. She’s got boxer face and a long lean body. Long thin

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Young Whippet needs forever home

Daisy is a 8 month old young Whippet. She is very playful, good with other dogs and cats, but shy at first, and good with kids as well. She is rambunctious

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Our male whippet is beautiful but he has one trait we are trying to deal with. He is extremely excitable when visitors arrive and when passing people

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