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Our male whippet is beautiful but he has one trait we are trying to deal with. He is extremely excitable when visitors arrive and when passing people

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Blue Eyes

Our beautiful whippet Clyde was born with blue eyes. These eyes only have a hint of blue left but he uses them to entrap virtually all who meet him.

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Corbin, Santa’s helper

Santa’s Helper

Corbin posing in his Santa hat, ready to help out with unwrapping presents.

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Meeko the Cheeky Whippy

Kayaking together

Meeko is an outgoing, cheeky whippet. He will do anything for his favourite treat - roast chicken. He can jump through a hoop, spin, 'tell me a secret',

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First visit to Santa!

meeko and santa christmas

Meeko's first visit to see Santa!

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Whippet Christmas Pics

lola little hat Christmas

Share whippet Christmas Pics! Did you knit a pretty Christmas sweater for your pet or took a great photo under the tree? Share your best pictures!

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Hermione's Love and Trust

Hermione's Love and Trust

I adopted Hermione when she was fourteen years old. She had several health issues; the most concerning was her untreated glaucoma. After just a

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Darth flappy ears Vader

Effrijim enjoys a little dress up and decided he fancied a Star Wars costume.. plumping for the dark side .. lord Darth vader

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Looking for a whippet puppy from our home base of Bulgaria

Hi there, I am a UK citizen/Bulgarian resident, and my partner and I are just beginning our search for a whippet (as a pet). I'm primarily looking for

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Julius on Sofa

Julius is our beloved whippet, his main hobby is to nap on the sofa. In these oil paintings I tried to capture his relaxed elegance.

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