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Elderly whippet, needs a dog carrier

Can anyone reccomend a dog carrier for a 10kg whippet? We love walking but sadly Smudge cant do the distance these days but wants to still be with us!

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Are Whippets Good Family Dogs?

whippet with children cartoon

Are whippets good family dogs? Find out if whippets are a good match for your family life

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My beautiful Whippet.

My Beautiful Willow the Whippet,Winston’s little sister. I knew the day we met you, Willow that you would be a very special part of our

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Traits of parents?

I recently rescued a whippet x puppy from a rescue home. She was born in the rescue centre to a whippet mum apparently, they think the dad was a lurcher.

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Sadie Playing In Snow

Sadie had only been with me for a couple of days when I took this video. She is a one-year-old dog which was surrendered to me. Originally the owner was

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Mr. Robert Toich

This is Katie, she is 11 weeks in this photo. 100% angel when she's sleeping and full of energy when she is not. She's my new best friend. She had my

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How Long Do Whippets Live?

lola at he beach watercolor

How long do whippets live? Prospective owners often ask this crucial question. Read on to find out for how long you can expect to enjoy the company of your pet.

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Reggie the Whippet

The whole sofa is not enough. I must have a bed upon a sofa! Reggie enjoys sleeping on the one blanket he is not supposed to sleep on, eating...anything

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Attractive,Racer,Big success,Models in a Art School

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Love Whippets

My first whippet was a fawn and I loved her so much, kids would call her Santa’s helper ❤️ sadly she passed away earlier this year and now I have two

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