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2 year old Whippet girl not neutered

Looking for some advice, I’ve had Josie since a puppy, she lives with us in our family home with my two children and is an excitable loving girl. At home

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Fawn Whippet (bitch) looking for a new home

Unfortunately we are looking for a new home for our gorgeous 5 year old, fawn whippet (Bitch). She has been spayed. She is a lovely natured dog, but doesn't

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Prancer the Whippet

Loving pet of 11 year girl, keeps her sleeping throughout the night.

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Looking to adopt an adult whippet in South Africa

Hello, I am looking to adopt an adult whippet in South Africa. Please let me know if you know of any adult whippets needing a home. Regards, Georgina

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Whippet Puppy

Looking to adopt a whippet puppy. If you know of any puppies in need of a loving home please let me know. Based in Dublin but can travel if needed. Thanks,Sara

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Whippet Memorial Images and Poems - How to Say Goodbye

Whippet memorial images and poems can help if you are grieving for the loss of a beloved companion. Share your whippet memorials.

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Custom Portrait of My Dog Contest

Join Custom Portrait of My Dog Contest! Share your best whippet and whippet mix pictures to win a free dog portrait!

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Whippet litter

Hello everyone My lovely little whippet Nell is due to have a litter at the end of November. If you are looking for a whippet puppy, please feel free to

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Beautiful Maile

Maile is a great whippet ambassador. She always draws a crowd, whether in Yellowstone, Gatlinburg, or any campground. “No she is not a greyhound, yes she

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Miss Molly

Miss molly is 7 year's old now and what a lovely faithful friend, She adrores herself as I adore her. She is so smart that she would actually wind your

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