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Looking for a forever home.

I have recently taken on a young Whippet bitch from a lady with a lot of dogs! She was causing a noise nuisance due to separation anxiety. I had not

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Parker is looking for his forever home

Hi! This is Parker and he is a special guy. Living in rescue in Minnesota and not finding a lot of people understanding his needs as a Whippet mix. Please

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I adopted Meraki from a rescue in Texas. He had papers from a husky breeder in Wyoming. He looked like a husky at 3 months, but at 6 month, I am not so

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Richard the dog man, who would trade half of humanity for all the dogs on the planet.

Early, our black with white chest and paws Whippet Lab is one of a kind. Affectionate to a human trait! He will jump up and sit next to you and after a

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Whippet name

Lightning & Shadow my two whippets. Lightning brindle & Shadow blue. Unfortunately Lightning passed this year. Both Shadow & I miss him dearly.

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Whippet paws look very different from other dogs...

My whippet puppy, 5 months, has strange-looking paws. Very thick pads, large knuckles, and the nails stick straight out, parallel to the ground. Is this

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Lola likes cappuccino

Lola is awesome-friendly. Protective and sweet

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Adopt a Whippet

Searching for an older Whippet to be a companion only - to be loved and adored by an experienced owner with extensive knowledge of this breed - has owned

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I had no idea what to call my gorgeous little whippet. Names are so significant, and I’m terrible at making decisions! Anyway, I didn’t get far through

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Whippet Memorial Stones and Dog Poems: How to Say Goodbye

Whippet memorial stones, writing dog poems or painting a picture of your pet are good ways to ease the pain of losing a beloved companion.

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