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Whippet Dog Story: Zelda

by Angela Barclay
(Woodend, Vic, Aus)

I got my Whippet Zelda from the RSPCA
I have no knowledge of her history.
Only that she lived somewhere in central Vic Australia.

Zelda is the most amazing pet I have ever had.
We have had her for just over a year and she's learned so many things.
She understands aprox 10 to 20 words, including people's and pets names.

We have cats and they feel so safe around Zelda that they actually smooch against her.

I really don't know where I'd be emotionally if I didn't have Zelda.
She has brought so much love, joy and spiritual experience to our home.
She is so loving and she knows that we love her.
She is just like a person with fur.
How she ended up in Animal rescue we will never know.
I don't let her out of my sight, she is like my child.

At night time after we've all had dinner, Zelda knows by my actions (putting on my pjs) that I'm off to bed.

She watches me and won't take her eyes off me.
Then she goes to the door that leads outside and looks at me to tell me that she needs to wee.

I say "wee wees!" and we go outside, she has a wee and then we go back in.

Zelda gets back to my bedroom quicker than I do and she nudges the bed covers back with her nose and burrows under the covers to get into bed.
Then, when I get in she turns around and puts her head on the pillow and faces me.
She falls asleep very quickly and then she ends up on her back with her legs pointing straight up in the air.

I've always been curious and bit fascinated about whippets and knew that one day I would get one but I never, ever thought in my most beautiful dreams that I'd end up with a companion like Zelda.
I really didn't know that such closeness and such love really existed.

I don't like to think about Zelda getting old and the day that we have to part but one thing that I do think about is that when I'll be ready I'll definitley be getting another whippet.

They are the most calm, gentle, quiet natured, loveable, trustworthy companion that any human could have.

If you're looking for a dog companion and you're reading this , get yourself a whippet.

I promise your whippet will help you to discover a part of yourself that you never knew was there.

Thanks for reading about my Zelda!


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Whippet Behavior: Tapping Front Paw - We Call it Pointing

by Angela Barclay
(Centeral Vic Australia)

When my whippet Zelda wants something (food or a snack) she points with her front toe in whatever direction the food is.

Do other whippets behave like this? Or stamp their paw? I'm very curious

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