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Whippet Dog Breed Information

Looking for whippet dog breed information? Find out how it’s life with whippets, how fast they are, if they are good apartment dogs, if they are good with children and more.

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Let’s face it, whippets are not the typical family dog, you would imagine more a labrador or a golden retriever in the classic family picture but actually whippets, despite their aristocratic looks are very easy going, fun and healthy dogs.

We lived with whippets for most of our family life and we can hardly imagine a home without at least one of them. They provided company, fun and a homely feeling wherever we where.

Often when I’m asked whippet dog information, people are surprised to find out that whippets don’t need to run at breakneck speed all the time and that they are really quiet indoor.

I grouped here some of the most frequently asked questions about these dogs and I hope to debunk some myths about hounds and they behavior.

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Are whippets good apartment dogs?

They sure are: they are gentle, clean and unobtrusive. Find out why it is so easy to live with a whippet in a small space and what are his basic needs.

Are whippets good with babies?

Our small hounds are very patient and accommodating with our children but there are some cautions that are to be taken whenever dogs and kids are together.

Are whippets good pets?

Whippets are superb racing dogs but also lovely pets. Find out how to get ready to welcome a whippet in your life and what to expect.

Are Whippets Good Family Dogs?

Find out in this page if a whippet is a good match for your family

Differences between greyhounds, whippets and Italian greyhounds

Whippets and Italian greyhounds look like a miniature greyhounds but size is not the only difference between these dogs.

Italian greyhound watercolour

Italian greyhound vs whippet

These two breeds have a lot in common but are not the same. Find out why.

Whippet vs Greyhound

Find out about the differences between greyhounds and whippets and discover the perfect breed for you.

How fast is a whippet?

Whippets are very fast physically and mentally and in more ways than you would expect. They will surprise you and outsmart you in more ways than one. Find out how to be prepared.

What is a Bully Whippet?

Read about Wendy the whippet, a strikingly muscular but still lovable dog.

Whippet Dog Breed Information: Long Haired Whippet

The long haired whippet is not one of the recognized akc breeds. Sometimes classified in the rare dog breeds, these handsome hounds are gaining popularity.

Find Out About Whippet Temperament

Discover the whippet temperament and behavior with children, dogs of other breeds, cats and small pets.

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What About Whippet Personality Traits?

A whippet personality is unique like is the coat of each of these miniature greyhounds. Discover whippets' common traits and quirks.

How Big Do Whippets Get?

Find out what's the whippet ideal size in USA and Europe, how to measure your dog and what's the whippet's growth rate.

Whippet Colours

Whippets come in any colour and colour combination, it's one of the many charms of this dog breed. Find out more about black and blue whippets.

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How Long Do Whippets Live?

How long do whippets live? Prospective owners often ask this crucial question. Click here to find out for how long you can expect to enjoy the company of your pet.

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