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Rescue Greyhounds!
Pros and Cons of Greyhound Adoption

How to rescue greyhounds, pros and cons of sharing your sofa with a retired racer and where to find a greyhound adoption centers.

Greyhounds are big dogs and adopting one is an important decision but if you have the possibility to give a forever home to one of these marvelous dogs, you might find there are many advantages in adopting a retired racer from a rescue greyhound organization.



Ex racers are adults and already toilet trained, this will save a lot of time and cleaning after a puppy.

Before being adopted, some greyhounds were in a foster home where they learned some basic home manners making it easier the transition to your home.


Any serious greyhound adoption center will give you the counseling and support you need to make your greyhound the best pet you’ve ever had.


The dogs given for adoption are healthy, already spayed or neutered and up to date with the vaccinations. This will give you more time to enjoy your new pet.

Breed Traits

Greyhounds are easy to live with, they are bred for quick burst of energy and after exercise sleep for most of the day.

Greyhounds are tolerant dogs, they are used to live with other canines without fights and they seldom look for troubles in dominance disputes with dogs or humans.

Your neighbors will love the fact that your greyhound is not a compulsive barker.

Greyhound coat is easy to keep clean and has no doggie odor.


There are also disadvantages you must consider before adopting one of these dogs.

Greyhounds are big, they average 23-39 kg (50-85 pounds) and in a greeting frenzy they can easily knock down a child or an unprepared grown up.

Being large dogs, they can and will steal from kitchen counters and occupy as much as they can of your sofa.

For these dogs a soft bed is a necessity, provide one if you don’t want to share yours.

Greyhounds cannot be trusted near traffic, fences and leashes are a must.

Greyhound Facts

Here are some facts to consider when thinking about adopting a greyhound.


Large, with an average height of 70 cm. (28 inches) and a weight of 29 kg. (65 pounds) they are by no means toy dogs.


Any color.

Energy Level

Quiet and relaxed when indoors.

Life Expectancy

10-13 years.


Greyhounds can live in apartment as long as they can run and stretch out regularly in a safe area.


Like many big dogs, greys are prone to bloat.

Sensitive to anesthesia.

Other Animals

Greyhounds generally get along with other dogs. Some can live with other pets but the prey instinct is very strong and they might chase cats and small pets.


Patient with children though they do not usually enjoy rough play.


Minimal, really low maintenance. Average shedding.


Ex-racers are not usually difficult to housebreak because they are already crate trained from the track and they tend to adapt well to the comforts of a home.

Where to Find a Rescue Greyhound Organizations

Greyhound Pets of America

Find in this list a greyhound dog rescue organization in your state.

Adopt a Greyhound

Click on this link to find greyhound dog rescue centers in Europe.

For greyhound dog rescue organizations in Australia, click on this link.

Greyhound Adoption of Ohio

This rescue organization places retired racing Greyhounds in loving homes in Ohio.

Essential Greyhound Supplies

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