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Rescued Whippet

by Kim

I have just rescued a Whippet dog, someone abandoned in our neighborhood.

This site has been very helpful.

She was abused by someone so I am working on building her trust. She is a beautiful, well mannered dog.

She loves playing with our dog a jack russell, but she tires of him because he has a lot more energy than her even though she is still a puppy.

My neighborhood fell in love with her and everyone is trying to help feed her and take care of her.

I need her to love me before the winter so I can get her inside and to the vet to be fixed.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Abused whippets
by: Anonymous

I got my whippet from a shelter. I don't know her background, all I know is that she was in quarantine for a month because she'd been microchipped and her owners had their numbers changed and had moved. The RSPCA tried and tried and waited for someone to come collect Zelda but no one ever came.

I believe that my dog has been abused also.
When we first got her she was very timid and still is frightened of brooms, vacuum cleaners, mops (things with a handle) I believe she was hit several times.

Anyways, to cut a long story short, from the day I got Zelda she has slept in my bed.
When she rests during the day she does it on my bed.
We sleep together every night and that's how we bonded.

With your dog being a whippet with their short coats should be sleeping inside or in a well insulated garage or something. They really feel the cold, and the heat. Really they're an inside dog.

You will find by having her around you as much as possible will build the bond anyway. And if you have a partner that doesn't agree with her sleeping in or on your bed, try to make a time or two during every 24 hrs where you and your whippet can just lay and rest together while you stroke her soft coat, snuggle with her, kiss her on the head and stroke her soft ears.
She will love that and I guarantee she will love you for it.

Whippets are very very different than any other dog. They're very sensitive.
Good luck xoxo

Good Luck!
by: Lotta

You are a wonderful person that rescued her - and believe me: You [will] win her heart and have a wonderful companion for many years (hopefully!).

by: Anonymous

When you mention "get her inside" I hope that she is not out in the elements not being sure what climate she is dealing with.

Wonderful that you are stepping up to the plate to rescue her and with a heart of gold, I am sure she will attach herself to the person who will provide her with all the unlimited love and care that she is deserving of.
Good luck!

Awesome job!
by: Maryann

I am so glad you rescued her! Keep up the great work!

Well Done!
by: Elda

Keep up the good work!
It might take sometime to win a whippet's heart but you seem to be on the right track.
All the best to you and your new friend.

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