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My Whippet Chevy

I am telling this story because it feels good to remember my whippet dog Chevy who was killed last month.

He was running with my husband and my other dog and took off after a rabbit, strait out of the park and onto a road. All those warnings you here, listen to them!

My husband and I cried for days with guilt and grief. Of course we knew the risks, but we were cocky and thought we were the best dog trainers in the world.

Our other dog is a border cross so she has never run off on us. Whippets are different. They are too fast and cars can't stop.

We had him cremated and I feel sad everyday that he missed his second birthday in August 2010. But I wanted to tell some funny stories about him so he is remembered.

He let us know when it was 6:00 at night and supper time by chirping his little whippet chirp in my face until I got food for him.

Once, we were out of dog food and I was being lazy. I wanted to wait until the next morning and just gave him some leftovers to tide him over. Well...He was not impressed. I ended up going to Safeway at 9:00 at night because he was so insistent with his little chirps and that face of his, looking so ticked off!

Also, Chevy was a tattle tail. If my other dog ever was on his bed, he came and chirped. If my husband left without taking him for a run in the morning he would wake me up and tell me with a chirp.

Once, I was yawning and he french kissed me! He had the fasted tongue in the North. Gross, I know!

He would poke his head past the shower curtain to check up on me.

He would complain on camping trips if the ground was hard and inspect the blankets or life jackets placed down for him, and look up with disgust. We ended up taking turns with him on our laps!

Chevy was awesome! He had a good life but it was too short.

Maybe this story will help prevent another tragedy.

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by: Jacqueline Clark

I was so sad to hear of your loss but the memories of your dear Chevy will live on. xx

Sorry for Your Loss.
by: Lotta

I'm so sorry to read about the accident, but I don't think you did anything wrong. Whippets crave to run free and yes, chasing rabbits can be dangerous, but Chevy was happy!

He seemed like a wonderful dog and I believe that he watches over you from heaven above!

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