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The Unselfish Whippet or the Case of the Missing Donuts!

by Val
(Bethlehem, PA)

Our male whippet, Stryder, demonstrated his ability to share nicely with our family one evening while I was on a business trip.

My husband had picked up a box of freshly made donuts from a local establishment in our area and placed the unopened box on our kitchen counter.

He then proceeded to his upstairs office to work on his computer.

He had left the door to his office open and Stryder did pop in for a visit at one point that my husband noticed.

The second visit is the one that always brings a smile to my husband's face when he speaks about it.

At one point during my husband's computer surfing he heard a noise downstairs so he rolled his chair away from his desk to go to check out what it was.

His chair hit against something as he tried to roll back.

My husband got up and noticed that right behind his chair was a donut.

Then he noticed as he walked into the upstairs hall on the second floor of our home, a donut outside our youngest child's bedroom door and two donuts near the door that leads to the 3rd floor of our home where our two older children have their bedrooms.

Thinking this was quite interesting, he turned the light on in our bedroom, also on the 2nd floor of the house, and there gently placed on my pillow was a donut.

When my husband finally entered the kitchen on the first floor of the house he saw the donut box on the floor with all the donuts missing...well, of course they were missing, Stryder had made sure that everyone in the family...all five of us, had donuts and he left the last of the 6 that were in the box for himself.

My husband had told me that not a single donut, with the exception of the one that Stryder had kept for himself, had teeth marks on it.

This was quite remarkable considering how fresh and soft they were.

It is quite obvious that Stryder was very gentle and stealthful in the task that he had undertaken.

We still laugh about this to this day.

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Love's so Whippet
by: Anonymous

Laughing so hard it brought tears to my eyes.

Great Story!
by: Anonymous

Loved your story it made me laugh to tears!

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