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Whippet Pictures

Enjoy our collection of whippet pictures. This gallery of was assembled during many years of sharing our lives and sofas with our miniature greyhounds.

I must admit that sometimes whippet pics are not easy to take.

When the dogs are in action, they are too fast for the camera and when they are at rest, although they look elegant while comfortably installed on your favorite chair, they offer a rather static picture of a whippet.

It takes at least to people to have a dog pose for the camera and this often disrupts family life, everybody seems to have a different idea of what is the best pose and how to achieve it.

Nevertheless, during many years of living together with our dogs and through stubborn persistence, I collected an album of whippet pictures of reasonable quality.

We love to look at these whippet pics because the story of our dogs is so closely intertwined with that of our family and our travels.

We hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as we do. Check this page often, we might be able to catch that magic moment and share it with you.

dog portraits art

Seasonal Whippet Pictures

boo halloween orange small

Halloween Costumes

Look at our Halloween pictures and let us see yours.

Christmas Pictures

Look at our  whippet xmas pics and share yours, spread the Christmas spirit!

Check out My Whippet Pictures Collections!

Do you comb every flea market and yard sale looking for whippet pictures and cards?

Do you have a wall dedicated to your dog print collection?

Is your computer screen saver a cherished whippet image?

If your answer is “yes” to any of the above questions, well...I'm afraid that you too are affected by a hopeless disease, the whippet pictures mania.

The only known cure to this rare and unforgiving disease is the acquisition of all the best whippet images you can put your hands on.

The good news is that here, you can spend many happy hours searching for the best pictures and the fruit of your efforts won’t cost you the world.

You'll be able to expand your whippet art collection effortlessly and pleasurably.

You can also use this page strategically and casually show it to your loved ones just before your birthday or an anniversary. 

They’ll be grateful for giving them ideas for an affordable and appreciated dog art gift.

Here you’ll find whippet paintings, cards, prints, stamps and art to download for free or to buy. 

lola on garden chair watercolor


A gallery of whippet and hound watercolours

whippet at the beach watercolour

Whippet Gifts

Check out my whippet gifts shop for yourself or your favorite whippeteer.

Whippet pictures to download

Click here for free pictures to use in your projects

Whippet Drawing and Painting

Paint your own whippet watercolor it's easy and fun! Find out how to draw whippet like a pro!

Whippet Statues

Whippet Statues have a long history and are a great way to decorate your home and garden. 

Photo Contest

Enjoy the image gallery of our photo contest with hundreds of beautiful whippet pics.

My Latest Findings

Of course we are victims of the whippet mania disease too. Here are some of our latest findings. Enjoy!

Leonora Carrigton tapestry

Lonora Carrington Tapestry

Leonora carrington picture whippets

Leonora Carrington Painting

Christmas Card

Visitors' Pictures Gallery

Here are some of the beautiful pictures sent by visitors. 

Do you have a picture of your whippet to share? Do it here!

Share your Whippet Pics!

Do you have a favorite picture of your whippet? Share it here! Your dog can be dog of the day, have a personal page and be on our homepage.

We are waiting for your pictures!

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