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All About Whippets as Pets

Find out all there is to know about whippets as pets and find out if a whippet is your perfect match.

These small hounds are very adaptable, they match most but not all way of living. 

Choosing a pet and the right dog breed is not easy.

When choosing a pet don’t rush, selecting a dog is a step that deserves pondering and planning.

May it be a stray, a pure breed, a puppy or an adult, a male or a female, any dog demands a lot of attention and dedication, so you are better be sure right from the beginning that the chosen one is the right match for you and your life style.

The attention and love you give to your pet will be returned to you with affection and companionship but keep in mind you’ll get back only what you give in the first place.

Choosing a dog is a little like falling in love. Your dog will become part of your family and this is, like in marriage, your big chance to choose a family member.

Is a Dog the Right Pet for You?

First things first!

Find out with this quick test if a dog is the right companion for your lifestyle.

Can I exercise my dog for at least one hour a day?
The good news is that whippets need less exercise than you might think. After a good walk they'll be happy to snooze on the sofa for hours.

Is someone home for most of the day?
Dogs in general and whippets particularly thrive on human companionship. If nobody is home for most of the day, your dog won’t receive the human interaction and the care he needs. Find out how we protect our innocent pillow while we are away.

Do I have someone (friend, dog sitter, kennel) to look after the dog in case I must travel?
Try to figure out if you’ll be able to take your dog with you in your trips or if you’ll be able to afford someone to take care of him.

Can I afford the expenses (food, vet, dog sitter) for a dog for the next 10-15 years?
A dog is a long term commitment and can turn out to be expensive. The average annual cost of caring for a medium sized dog is estimated by ASPCA to be about $1500.

Do I have an area where I can safely and comfortably confine my dog when I am not at home?

If the answer to all the above questions is yes, well... congratulations, you are a good candidate to the position of dog owner!

Let’s see now about whippets as pets and if one would be your perfect match.

All You Need to Know About Whippets as Pets


You appreciate a quiet companion
Whippets rarely bark without reason and enjoy long hours of snoozing.

You cherish a neat and clean house
With their long legs and short coats, whippets hardly carry any dirt in the house. They move around furniture with discerning care.
As a bonus whippets are almost odorless until they decide to spice up your day and rub in smelly stuff with the same pleasure we reserve for expensive perfume.

You would like an affectionate but not fawning pet
The whippet dog breed easily gets in tune with your moods.

You appreciate beauty
The balance and elegance of your whippet will be a daily gift.

You want to get rid of rodents from your garden
Make no mistake, the same dog lounging on the sofa is a very determined mouse exterminator.

You want a healthy dog
Despite their fragile appearance, whippets are healthy dogs and they will grace you with their company for many years.

You appreciate an endless variety of coats colors to choose from
Any color is accepted for this breed. Don’t be tempted to collect one of each because it makes a lot of whippets!

You would like a double duty companion
Whippets are high energy outdoor, low energy inside.

You have children
A whippet will make a reliable pet for your considerate children.

You are sport minded
Whippets excel in many sports: lure coursing, racing, agility and are great show dogs.


You are a compulsive groomer
The silky, wash-and-wear whippet coat is for most owners a blessing. But if you enjoy long grooming sessions with your dog you won’t find in this breed your perfect match.

You don’t believe in leashes and fences
Even the quietest and most obedient whippet might be gone in a moment after a squirrel at neck breaking speed. A leash in any traffic area is the best insurance against car accidents.

You are looking for a bodyguard
The sweet nature of this breed makes of these dogs more an alarm than an armed guard.

You want a kennel dog
Whippets thrive on human company and cannot take extreme cold.

Decisions, Decisions...

Once you have decided that a whippet as pet is your ideal match, there are still more variables to consider.

Adult or Puppy?

Puppies are fun and cuddly and it is a wonderful experience to see them grow into adults but they can destroy your antique furniture or your favorite Prada shoes in a blink of an eye.

Puppies require lots of time and attention, do you have enough time to train and rise a pup?

Male or a Female?

Males tend to be larger, more independent and dominant.

They often like repetitive play and make good playmates for the kids but they are also more boisterous than the females.

Females are often calmer, more affectionate but often quite strongly opinionated and wilful.

If not spayed they go into heat twice a year, sometimes with distressing consequences.

If you already have a dog in your household it will be easier to introduce a dog of the opposite sex.

All these topics need careful consideration before choosing a dog.

The right choice can give joy to you and your family but a poor election can make your life considerably more complicated and distressing.

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