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Are Whippets Good Apartment Dogs?

Are whippets good apartment dogs! Yes, they are! find out why and how to best prepare to share your flat with a whippet.

Whippets are perfect apartment dogs, as long as you are ready to look after your dog properly.

Whatever kind of dog you get into your life, they will require a good amount of work from your part for a smooth coexistence and even more so if you live in an apartment.

If you live in a flat you must take into account that you’ll have to walk your dog at least three times a day, rain or shine, whether you feel like it or not, any day of the week, including holidays, for the next 13-15 years.

And occasionally you have to be ready to get up at night if the situation requires it.

A small terrace or even a tiny yard can help in emergencies but still walks are a necessity to keep your dog happy, relaxed and to avoid accidents in the house.

What can help save a lot of unpleasant accidents, is a dog door to the terrace or yard in case you have to stay away from home for more than few hours and no one else can walk your pet. But don’t even dream to save on a dog door and lock your whippet out in extreme weather because these hounds have very thin coats, little fat and have no ability to adapt to severe temperatures and uncomfortable bedding.

So unless you plan to come home to a frozen, scorched or severely stressed whippet, you must provide comfortable quarters for your pet and this includes sheltered and comfortable bedding.

Nothing makes a whippet happier than access to a nice, soft sofa in a warm room.

All this said, are whippets good apartment dogs? Yes! You can’t find and easier dog to share your flat.

Adult whippets are very quiet indoors, they can sleep for hours at your side, they have a special ability at always finding the most comfortable spot closest to you and then settle down to discretely keep you company.

They shed very little and bring no dirt into the house, a trait that I really appreciate as a former owner of a lovable but very messy cocker spaniel.

A whippet will instinctively avoid puddles (too wet and cold) and, if you provide a winter coat, he will come home virtually dry and clean even after a walk in the rain.

These little hounds are also very considerate of the furnishing in the house, they are very good at moving nimbly and are blessed with and innate grace when walking indoors.

Whippets are not compulsive barkers, they are generally quiet and bark only if there is a good reason.

For all these reasons, I think whippets are the perfect apartment dogs, as long as you can provide the basic walks that you would have to provide any other dog, and that little extra comfort that whippets really crave.

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