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7 Whippet Personality Traits

A whippet personality is unique like is the coat of each of these miniature greyhounds. Discover whippets' common traits and quirks.

Every whippet has its own special traits and personality that make it unique.

Selection, though has worked on the physical and psychological traits and some characteristics are common to the breed.

1 Whippets have a Double Personality

The couch potato that became a permanent decoration to your sofa, will suddenly turn into a determined and courageous hound when hunting or coursing.

The transformation can happen instantaneously, as an incautious mouse learned at its expenses.

One night, while a wild mouse hunt was going on in our kitchen, our most prized but aging whippet was snoozing on his bed, to the scorn and disapproval of the entire family.

As soon as the mouse became attainable, in a faster-than-the-eye movement, the dog reached and instantly killed the mouse, leaving everyone speechless.

2 Whippets are Willing to Please

Whatever you want to do, your whippet will be ready for it.

Are you going for a walk? Great, he will love to come too!

Would you like to relax in front of the TV, work on the computer or nap on the sofa? You can’t find a quieter companion.

Going to town for errands? He will walk with you to the shops, wait patiently outside or guard the car.

Restaurant? He’ll stay under the table with resignation especially if you provide a warm blanket.

3 Whippets are Comfort Seekers

Maybe for their thin coats or for their lack of extra body fat, whippets will immediately spot out the most comfortable and warm spot in the house and will settle in as long as is close enough to you.

They will go as far as moving cushions and arrange them to create a cozy bed.

They don’t mind low temperatures, as long as they are moving or running, but it would certainly be cruel to leave a whippet outside for extended period of time in cold weather.

As a rule of thumb, your whippet will need the same level of comfort as you do... and maybe a little more.

4 Whippets are Reserved with Strangers

Sighthounds are often accused of being aloof and distant.

A whippet will generally take some time to familiarize with a stranger but, once acquainted, he will be his usual, sociable self.

5 Whippets are Food Thieves

After the content of your garbage bin has been exposed, and your dinner disappeared mysteriously, this whippet personality trait will dramatically improve your house keeping abilities.

6 Whippets don't Like to be Alone

Whippets tend to become bored or anxious when left alone for extended period of time.

To avoid house redecoration, confine your pet in an enclosed, safe area or crate him when you are not home.

Eliminate tempting cushions and anything valuable from the area and provide toys for distraction.

A whippet companion can be of help.

7 Whippet Personality Mellows with Age

The exuberant whippet personality mellows with age. There isn't a finer companion than your mature whippet.

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