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How Big Do Whippets Get?

How big do whippets get in USA and Europe, what's a whippet growth rate and how to measure your dog.

If you're considering adopting or buying a whippet, one question that might be twirling around in your mind is, "how big do whippets get?" Well, brace yourselves, because we are about to delve deep into this topic.

Understanding the stature of a whippet is essential when choosing a breed to fit your lifestyle. This breed is characterized by its speed, agility, and grace, but it also packs a pretty neat size package that won't require you to remodel your apartment or home.

How Big Do Whippets Get in USA

According to breed standards set out by the American Kennel Club, male whippets typically reach a height of 18.5-22.5 inches (or 47-57 centimeters), while female whippets usually grow to be around 17.5-21.5 inches tall (or 44.5-54.6 cm).

As those figures are ideal heights, your whippet might deviate slightly. Remember, love your pet for their uniqueness, just like humans, they have their individual sizes and shapes too!

But wait a second, you might think, "I heard that American whippets are somewhat larger." And as unusual as it may be, gossip is correct in this case! Compared to their British cousins, American whippets are known to be a tad more towering, adding another level of majesty to their stride.

Weighing the whippets, American males usually tip the scale between 34-48 pounds (or 15.5-22kg). Their female counterparts, on the other hand, weigh somewhat less, ranging from 29-34 pounds (or 13-15kg). 

How Big Are European Whippets?

Whippet dimensions from across the pond in the United Kingdom are a bit smaller. British dog standards place males at an ideal weight between 29 and 35 pounds (or 13-16 kilograms), and females usually weigh between 22 and 29 pounds (or 10-13 kilograms).

The ideal height for dogs is 47-51 cm (18½-20 ins) for bitches 44-47 cm (17½-18½ ins).

Whippets are medium-sized dogs. They are not as petite as chihuahuas or as gigantic as Saint Bernards. They comfortably sit somewhere in between, providing an exceptional blend of compact size and energy.

How To Measure Your Whippet

how to measure at the whithers

When your dog is in a collaborative mood you can measure him against a wall with the help of a book placed on his shoulders and marking the point with a pencil.

Keep in mind that dogs are measured at the withers, the area between the shoulder blades.

Your dog might have to be measured officially if you are taking part in coursing, racing or dog shows.

Whippet Growth Rate

brazier brindle puppy on sofa

If you're considering adopting a whippet puppy, you might be wondering about their growth rate. Whippets grow fairly quickly, reaching their full height by around six months of age. However, they might continue to fill out and gain weight until they are about a year and a half old.

Following this age, their size progression slows down considerably, and your precious whippet puppy should be the perfectly sized, sleek, and elegant dog that fits well within most living arrangements.

How Much Space Does a Whippet Take?


Since we're talking about how big whippets get, it’s essential to highlight that whippets are surprisingly quiet and calm indoors. Known as "the poor man's racehorse," these dogs store their energy for outdoor fun and are incredibly relaxed home bodies.

Despite their size and energy levels, they tend to have a small "footprint" in the house, due to their preference for curling up in a comfy spot and dozing when not engaged in play or exercise. The house-friendly behaviour of whippets is one of the reasons many urban dwellers tend to favor them.

If you compare whippets to other breeds in terms of size, you will find that they share similar dimensions to breeds like American Eskimos and English Bulldogs. Yet, their temperament, energy levels, and indoor behavior set them apart.

Whippets, with their streamlined bodies and soft, short coats, are little inconvenience in homes, unlike larger, more voluminous breeds. They are easy to groom and maintain, contributing positively to their charm as 'apartment dogs'.

In terms of choosing a breeder, if the size is a significant concern, it would be wise to consider whippet breeders who breed larger or smaller specimens depending on your preference. A responsible breeder will be able to give you a good idea about the expected size of their puppies at adulthood.


Keep in mind though, size is just one factor to consider when selecting a pup. Temperament, health, and the breeder's reputation are also of paramount importance. You're not just looking for a pet, but a new member of your family!

Overall, the Whippet's medium build and their versatile nature make them a beloved choice for families, empty nesters, and first-time pet owners.

Whippets, with their compact and manageable size, low-maintenance grooming needs, and calm indoor demeanour, could be just the right fit for your lifestyle and living conditions.

So, as you embark on this journey to find your new furry friend, remember, it's not always about measuring and comparing their size to different breeds. It's also about considering their personality and understanding how well it will fit in with yours.

Our advice: Don't let the figures get in the way too much. When you meet a whippet, we believe their charm, personality, and grace will cast an irresistible spell over you, no matter their size.

As you're now aware of how big whippets get, we hope this has helped guide your pet selection process, size up your choices, and measure which breed best fits you and your family's lifestyle and living arrangements.

Now the next time you hear someone wondering, "how big do whippets get?", you'll be the well-informed, whippet-loving guru who can step in with your newfound knowledge. So, go ahead, dive in and enjoy the rewarding experience of being a whippet owner!

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