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Are Whippets Good with Babies?

Are Whippets Good with Babies? Whippets are reliable family dogs but dogs and kids are not always a good mix.

When I see on social media these cute pictures of babies laying next to a huge dog that looks into the camera with slightly concerned eyes, a shiver runs down my spine.

Dogs of any breed tolerate without complaining abuse of all sorts for the love of us: abrupt noises, strange smells, uncomfortable living conditions but we must remember that a dog’s reaction can be extremely swift and the consequences can be devastating.

Even the most innocent looking canine is provided by nature with very efficient teeth that can, in the blink of an eye, do untold damage especially to small children.

Also we must remember that babies and children can be seen by dogs as prey or a less prominent member of the pack, more to be scolded than to be cherished and indulged.

Being myself a mother and a lifelong dog owner, I wouldn’t take any risk while mixing dogs and kids. 

I have seen too often the kind of damage dogs can inflict on one another when they fight and I certainly wouldn’t risk the wellbeing of children by leaving them unattended with dogs.

Older children must be taught how to behave around dogs. Sometimes without even realizing it, they can exhaust the patience of the family dog or handle a small puppy in a rough or clumsy way.

Are Whippets Good with Babies?

Certainly whippets are among the least aggressive dog breeds (except when they are after a prey), they enjoy snuggling and paying with considerate children and, if annoyed, they would rather retire to their favorite bed instead of biting or growling. 

Nevertheless the possible damage an exasperated dog can inflict to a child is too great to risk it.

Babies more often than not are just ignored by whippets and other family dogs, maybe they are just sniffed inquisitively and often feared when they start crying or shouting.

My dogs always showed an admirable patience with my kids and their friends.

They definitely enjoyed each other presence,  often played together under our supervision and my sons grew to love and respect animals.  

But we must realize that leaving dogs with children and infants unattended, is never a good idea, there are just more dangers than possible benefits involved.

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