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Blue Eyes

by Rhona

Our beautiful whippet Clyde was born with blue eyes. These eyes only have a hint of blue left but he uses them to entrap virtually all who meet him.

His coat is champagne colour and very fine so we have to watch the weather. We have only had female dogs and Clyde is very different, he is very strong and determined.

Our first few days were exhausting. Clyde was 5 months old when we got him. Perfectly house trained but hyper active when visitors arrive or meeting people when out walking. He is slowly calming down.

Walks on the beach and when only us around zoomies are the order of the day and he is fast.

When visiting the dog park sniffing all the new scents is the first job. Ball catching is high on the agenda and like the beach zoomies are easy in all that short grass.

Clyde knows how to choose the perfect spot for sleeping in the motorhome - in between us - not at the foot of the bed but tucked close to our bottoms where there is space to stretch or nuggle down.

Clyde has two winter fleece coats and for summer he has a finer fleece. We will buy or make him a lighter coat for chilly summer days.

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not blue
by: Anonymous

Those eyes are not blue eyes but a gold colour. They are found in whippets when both parents carry a dilution gene (dd). When they are wee pups the eyes are blue but change very early on in their first 6 months of life.

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