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“Lucy the whippet”

by Kelly Nill
(Destin, Florida )

I remember getting Lucy like it was yesterday. My mother and I drove long 2 1/2 hour car ride to the dog show in Cleveland, to go and pick up our new family member.

I remember first seeing her on the breeders lap a little white and brindle whippet. She looked so scared with all the new nosies, smells and dogs around her. We knew as soon as we saw her we loved her.

My mother and I walked around the dog show and picked out a brand new martingale collar black with gold embellishments. The contrast was striking against her white fur.

She slept with me under the covers that night, and many nights after. Always a faithful cuddle buddy when you were sad or sick.

She was forever begging for treats, or going and find little morsels of food on her own. Normally, off the counter or in an unsecured dog food bag. We had a few years in 4-h dog obedience together.

Whippets are intelligent dogs, but they have very selective listening spells when it comes to sit and stay.

After ten years with my “little sister” Lucy and I had to part ways. Off to basic training I had to go, I gave her one last kiss on the head. And off I was for 6 months, I only had time to come home and see her briefly until I was put in my first duty station in Florida 16 hours away from home.

Shortly after being in Florida my mother called and told me she wasn’t doing to well. She had taken her to the veterinarian and they did everything they could but, it was her time.

I couldn’t take leave to go home to say goodbye. I have had many dogs in my 22 years but none were as special as Lucy the whippet.

It’s now been a year since her passing and I think I’m ready to adopt another whippet. (Thanks to her my favorite dog breed) if anyone knows of one in need of a good home. Contact me at

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