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The One

by Edwina Maria Thompson
(Leigh, UK)

The 'One'

"Life's just too short", my mind's made up.
"Now treatment's done, I'll buy a pup."
I knew that some, would think me mad,
But let them have, the year I'd had!

I went through different types of breed,
To find the one to suit my needs.
A little daft, a little wild,
But loving, with a temper mild.

Decision made, a whippet dog,
A couch potato, sofa hog!
I knew he would, like velcro stick,
And as for 'walkies', he'd be quick!

I googled adverts, searching for,
The perfect puppy, I'd adore.
It wasn't long before I found,
Cute furry babies, bellies round.

One face stood out, with open jaw.
All playful mischief, that I saw!
My instinct kicked in, "He's the One."
Let him be there, not sold and gone.

The very first time that we met,
Is not a thing I will forget.
They say the right one, comes to you...
Our little pup, he nearly flew!

His siblings round, a push right through.
That he was ours, I'm sure he knew!
Up on hind legs, he tried to stand.
With cold wet nose, sniff of my hand.

Those big blue eyes, a cheeky look,
My heart just melted, I was hooked!
Deposit paid, (we weren't too late),
But 5 more weeks we had to wait.

The day it came, for us to go,
And bring back home, our pet 'Neo'.
It even seemed, the calendar,
Knew this.. 'A day to remember'.

Our precious puppy has a goal,
A healing for heart, mind and soul.
Right by my side, both night and day,
To keep that 'ticking bomb' at bay.

And those who doubt, he's therapy.
Just see the joy, he brings to me.
That smile lights up, my face and eyes.
He's always there, through lows and highs.

'A new beginning', he has brought.
The perfect prize, for battle's fought.
So now I'll put back down my pen,
And cuddle Neo once again.

Edwina Maria Thompson
© 2017

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Beautiful Poem!
by: Anonymous

A great poem to celebrate life and recovery.

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