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katie's whippet QLD
by: Angie ( Zelda's mum )

I'm sorry to hear about your 1st whippet that you lost.
I guess it's something that we bring ourselves to accept when we get any pet, that we're more than likely going to out live them( but especially a whippet, i'm being biased here...)

Sounds like you absolutely adored your whippet and the 5 that you've had since have been very blessed to have you bring them home to your "whippet" house :)
Thankyou for your lovely comment about my Zelda.
I hate to think of the day when I loose her, but like I said, it's something that we must accept when we get a pet.
Have your whippets been different colours ? if so, what colours?
I love the fawn and white patched and the grey and white patched.
Love them all but those colours are just beautiful.

I'm actually not sure if Zeldy is pure, I don't think she is. I think she may possibly be whippet x greyhound. Other people who see her say the same thing.
It frustrates me that I don't know and can never find out ANY of her history. Even her original name before we got her, as she was quarantined for a month at RSPCA because she had been chipped, desexed, the works, and the RSPCA tried for a month to track down her family but their numbers had been disconnected and they'd moved from the address that was on Zelda's details.

They had the previous owners names and EVEN ZELDA's NAME ( that's all I wanted) but by law they couldn't provide me with it.

I named her Zelda because 2 days after we got her, I was on my computer looking at old The Legend of Zelda nintendo games from the 80s and Zelda reacted to the music as though she knew it.

And I looked at her and said "Zelda? Is your name Zelda?" And she turned her head to the side as though it really was her name.

I called the kids in and showed them and they were amazed at how she reacted to the game music and the word Zelda. So that's how Zelda was named.

Have your whippets all been the same sex, have you bred before ?

I'd love to get another whippet.

I've heard and read that whippets LOVE other whippets (amazing how they know that they are the same as them, even though they don't groom themselves in front of a mirror like we do, lol).

Thank you so much for your comment and telling me about your whippet, and your other whippets.

I haven't been on this site for quite a while as I had PC issues and my phone was just too frustrating to try to write properly on but my PC is up and running now so I'll definitely be on here a lot more now :)

Thanks again Katie.

With whippet love, Angie xo

Once a whippet...always a whippet
by: Kate Little

Know where you're coming from. Zelda sounds lovely.

A whippet will change your life. We had a couple of other dogs before we came across our first whippet. She was in a pet shop in Queensland, she was sick and very very skinny.

Fast forward 15 years, we only have her ashes now, but there is nothing in this world that is worth trading those 15 years for. So much joy and laughter and loving.

Five whippets have graced our lives since...there is no other breed. You're lucky to have one in your life and smart enough to let it in.

Zelda and I
by: Ange and zelda

Zelda and I are now going for a 3 km walk/jog every morning.

I feel great and Zelda is too. We got back from a stroll about half an hour ago and Zelda has crashed out on my bed!

It's gonna be great when I'm fitter and I'll be able to keep up with my whippet Zelda.

When I want her to run I say "Run, Zeldy, Run!"

She's just the best, I owe my life and happiness to her.

She is the best thing that has ever happened to me
her love is unconditional.

I love you Zelda!

The legend Of Zelda! Remember that Nintendo game in the 80s? That's where she got her name.

I was looking at youtube clips a few days after I brought her home from the rescue shelter and she responded to the music and the word Zelda.

I'd say her name and her head would curiously turn to one side.

I'd say it again and her head would go back the other way.

So I'd say her name was either Zelda or Esmerelda or something like that.

My Zeldy is just so beautiful and amazing xoxoxoxo

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