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Comments for Whippet Behavior: Tapping Front Paw - We Call it Pointing

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tapping paw
by: Anonymous

I think they do it when they want something.
I saw a Youtube clip a few weeks back and the man was asking his whippet what it wanted and he said "are you gonna stamp your foot and demand it?" and then I thought well maybe it's something that whippets do.
And it's very smart isn't it when you think about it :)
They are such intelligent dogs
I love them to bits.
I've seen a few people around here, usually with 2 whippets going for walks and they are so in love with their dogs as well.
I find that the owners just keep talking and talking and telling me all about the wonderful things that their "baby" does.
And I do the same about Zeldy

by: Triva Iverson

My boy whippet Mickey taps his paw when he thinks he's about to go for a walk or go outside and play ball. I never really thought about until I read your post :)

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