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Whippet Puppies Picture Contest

I would like to thank all the whippet dog lovers who participated in our Whippet Puppies Picture Contest.

We received many wonderful, fun pictures and stories and our visitors voted for their favorite pics with enthusiastic participation.

Especially in the last days the competition was hot and the pictures received many comments in totally unexpected languages. We had to use an on line translator to understand some of them!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, let the drums roll for our winner!

We are happy to announce that this is the winning picture of our contest.

Kayleigh by Diana Field

Click here to read Kayleigh story

Kayleigh’s pictures wins with eight positive comments.

Congratulations, Diana for your lovely puppy, her delightful photo and story.

I bet that with her look full of mischief she must be a handful but also a great joy.

As the winner of our contest Kayleigh will receive a beautiful leather whippet collar embossed with a hunting scene.

And Here is Kayleigh Proudly Wearing her New Collar!

Thanks Diana for the picture, your puppy looks very serious and determined with her "hunting" collar.

Whippet Pictures and Stories we Received from our Visitors.

Click on the links below to see the contest entries from other visitors...

Whippet Puppy Picture Contest: Kayleigh the Winner! 
Kayleigh is wearing the new collar that she won in the Puppy Photo Contest! She wears it proudly in true whippet fashion.

Whippet Puppies: My Valentine 
This is my whippet puppy Valentine. It's easy to see why she's called that. Can you see the heart shaped spot? She was born from a litter of 3. It …

Whippet Puppies Picture Contest: Little Mowgli! 
This is our boy Mowgli looking cute as a button! He is now eight months old and still loves cuddling up to his favourite teddy.

Lance our Blue Whippet Puppy 
We picked up our boy when he was almost six weeks old. He is now 8 weeks old and just so adorable, he lights up every day for us and we can not imagine …

Flash the Whippet Puppy 
Just a pic to let you see my new baby. He is silly and fun to be around. My 4 kids love him and we hope he will soon be a show dog.

Whippet Puppy Picture Contest: Jack Before His Accident 
We knew which puppy we were taking home the minute we set eyes on him, he was the most lively and in to everything including my handbag, shoe laces, coat …

Whippet Puppies Picture Contest: Baby Boy "Bo" 
This is are newest member of the family 6mths old. Always looking for trouble!! Always......LOL

Whippet Puppies Picture Contest: The Race is on! 
Tia gets warmed up for the next race.

Our Super Dog ! 
Firs of all, my best friend had a whippet and we, me and my boyfriend, were looking for a dog, our first pet together. When we first saw whippets running …

Whippet Puppies: The First Day 
On arrival at the breeders home, I was actually shaking, I was there to pick my very first whippet puppy. I wasn't sure what to expect, I was shown into …

Whippet Puppies Picture Contest: Our sweet boy! 
When our Whippet came to his new home( aged 8 weeks), he fell in love with a special chair, full of soft, small balls. He always liked to sleep there …

Whippet Puppies Picture Contest: Alexis 
How do you count the ways you can love someone. Well I'm here to tell you after a long ride from Southern Virginia to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, …

Whippet Puppies: When Opus changed my life 
From the very first beginning of Opus's life I've visited him every weekend. The breeder's house wasn't that far away, about 10 minutes, so it was easy …

Whippet Puppies Picture Contest: Uncharted Waters 
The day we got Naya, or first dog, it was snowing with about 4 inches already on the ground in Indiana. My wife and I were raised in Florida, so the …

Wow!!! Forgot how hard it was bringing a puppy up, the sleepless nights, having to have eyes everywhere, the clearing up of pieces of chewed up wood, …

Whippet Puppies Picture Contest: Andrex Pup got no chance 
My little blue Whippet bitch TIA, can completely trash our bathroom under 30 seconds!! Beat that you little tv ad Andrex pup!!

Whippet Puppies Photo Contest: What are you then?? 
Whippet Puppies: My little blue girl whippet Tia meeting her first cat

Anyone for Tennis?? Not rated yet
Tia: "Hurry up Dad, Wimbledon is on the telly!".

Home Comfort Not rated yet
This is where you will find me when the weather starts getting a little chillier. I may only be 5 months old but I know where my comfort zone lies. Speak …

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