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Whippet Puppies Picture Contest

Announcing the Winner of the Second Whippet Dog Photo Contest

Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to announce the winner of our second whippet puppies picture contest. This delightful whippet photo wins a bright red hound collar!

Puma with his Mini-Me

by Monica (Long Island, NY)

Click here to read the story of Puma the whippet and comments to the picture.

Monica (Long Island, NY) with this lovely Puma’s picture wins a bright red whippet collar thanks to six comments to her picture of Puma with his Mini Me.

Monica sent us a pic of Puma proudly wearing his new collar. I must say that red is Puma's color, it goes wonderfully with his brindle coat. Thank you, Monica!

We would like to thank all the participants that sent us so many great pictures. For us it is a great pleasure to receive all this wonderful photos. The participation of our visitors makes our site interesting for you and our job much more rewarding.

You didn’t win? Don’t worry, keep visiting and checking our pages, we hope to start a new dog picture contest soon to give everybody a second chance and a beautiful collar to all our whippets.

Meanwhile, enjoy the whippet pictures below sent by our visitors.

Click here to have a look at the pictures of our first dog picture contest.

Whippet Puppy Pictures from Other Visitors

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

After going through a very difficult and traumatic time in my life, I decided to get a little puppy. I live on my own and it was very lonely for me …

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These are my two beautiful whippet pups MOUSE and FLASH. I have had flash from when he was 3 and a half weeks old and I have had mouse for a few months. …

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This is our whippet Puma at 5 months old, with his favorite toy, his 'Mini-Me'. In person, their long thin legs, stripped black and white fur make them …

Lilly - Day One Hour One 
Our first whippet named Buckley, has been such a good companion we decided to get another whippet this spring. As some of you know, Pet Finder is a …

Romeo, a small puppy filled with love 
We have been looking for a whippet puppy for a long time and finally we found Romeo. Yesterday, we drove to Connecticut to get him and in the car on …

Whippet Picture Contest: Dreams Do Come True  
Dreams Do Come True... Phoebe is my dream come true. I took this photo of Phoebe shortly after I got her. I just came across an add on-line and something …

Mandi: The Best Dog Ever 
Mandi, is a sweet mannered whippet with love whenever you get near. She is training for agility and having a blast! I love her very much. She is smart …

Suki, the sweetest dog ever 
I am a single woman living in a big city, I needed companionship. My friend who is a whippet breeder introduced me to Suki, I have had her for about …

Whippet Puppies Picture Contest: Lola the Best Girl Ever  
Lola is just a lovely girl. She makes us very proud to be her owners. She has such a lovely temperament and not one person has disliked her yet. She …

Second Chance 
While on a search for a companion for our young greyhound Annabelle, the idea of getting a whippet kept entering my mind. I was looking at other greyhounds …

Whippet Puppies: My little Gems 
I have just took these little gems in to look after them. The owner if these little pups took them off their mum at only 4 weeks old. It was an unplanned …

Whippet Puppies Picture Contest: Dusty 
Dusty traveled up to Scotland from Cumbria when she was 7 weeks old. She came up in a huge horse box with 6 horses for company, however Dusty made …

Whippet Puppies Picture Contest: Buffalo Bill 
Buffalo Bill came to us two months ago - at the end of January 2010. Surrounded by poodles (my parents have one and my boyfriend's mom two) I had no …

My baby Milly Not rated yet
This is my whippet Milly when she was about 6 week old. She is now 13 months. She is a very mischievous whippet, who loves her teddies. Her hobbies …

Whippet Puppy Picture Contest: Ruby Tuesday Not rated yet
Ruby is our first puppy since moving home and is just over 12months old, growing in stature and character each and every day. I've previously owned …

My Two Beautiful Babies Not rated yet
These are my two beautiful whippet pups MOUSE and FLASH. I have had flash from when he was 3 and a half weeks old and I have had mouse for a few months. …

My Two Beautiful Whippet Babies Not rated yet
These are my two beautiful whippet pups MOUSE and FLASH. I have had flash from when he was 3 and a half weeks old and I have had mouse for a few months. …

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