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Whippet Dog Photo Contest # 7: and The Winner is...

Tank the Whippet and our 2 GSD by Judy Anderson

Tank the Whippet and our 2 GSD by Judy Anderson

Despite the tiny size of the picture, this lovely photo has received 13 comments, gaining the first place in our dog photo contest.

The story of Tank's adoption is really endearing and his bond with the German shepherds a great example of the adaptability of whippets.

The story was especially surprising for me because my whippets, for some reason, never seemed to get along well with German shepherds.

Tank wins the beautiful leather whippet collar, well done!

I absolutely loved the picture of the five "Good for Nothing' Biscuit Eaters" with the little blue whippet squeezing between the others.

I bet he is the cheeky one of the quintet! Lovely picture Sarah, they made you work but it was definitely worth it!

I was stunned by the self-assured composure of Tango. What a beauty!

The whippet in the morning picture was inspiring, it captured one of those perfect, magic moments.

And yes, I agree, whippets are a girl's best friend.

Misty the poser was the cutest puppy picture, that mischievous look reminded me of how devastating a pup's cuteness can be.

I enjoyed all the entries enormously, they made me love every minute of my work at the computer.

A tip for those who didn't win...don't give up!

Try again with another picture and story (I am sure your whippets will provide you daily with a lot of good stories) for our current edition of the whippet dog photo contest.

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Thank you to all the participants for their fantastic entries, they make this website a very special place for all whippet lovers.

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Freddie the Whippet!

by Chelsea Whipple
(West Linn, Oregon)

Freddie (named after Freddie Mercury) is my first whippet and my first dog of my own.

I had never met a whippet or even heard of one before but once I started researching them I could not resist, they seemed like the perfect pet and guess what? He is!

He is only four months old but he is smart, quiet, sneaky, friendly to everyone, and oh so affectionate, my kind of dog.

I have had so much fun with him these past couple months and I can't wait for him to get older!

He truly is my best friend!

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Whippet Photo Contest: No Good for Nothin Biscuit Eaters

by Sara Lynn Forseth
(Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

The five whippets in the picture are my dogs.

I had taken them to a friend's basement studio for their first group photo shoot.

Well, it was easier said than done. I had taken some pictures of whippets in calendars and magazines to show the photographer what I had in mind.

We spent almost two hours throwing cheese every which way and making all kinds of funny noises to get their attention.

I was exhausted and sweating. I couldn't stop laughing.

They were perched on a little stage with lights all around.

Next time I will bring a friend and a couple of real rabbits in a cage to help get their attention.

Owner of Ticket, Tattle, Elly May, Sarah and Lilah.

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Shall we get a whippet and call her Willow?

by Margaret
(Carlisle, England)

"Shall we get a whippet and call her Willow?"

That was the question my partner and I mulled over for a few weeks until this week when we took the plunge.

It has been a hyper, stressful, wonderful and all consuming few days but we have a beautiful, lively and probably the sweetest girl in the world ......but I am just a little biased I suppose.

We have so much to look forward to and we want to see her spindly, gangly and wobbly legs take to the hills near where we live and watch the joy fill her lovely dark eyes.

So the answer to our question was a big, fat YES!!

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Beatrix the Baby

by Sammy

Beatrix the whippet came to us in November 2011 from a neglected household.

When we picked her up at 9 weeks she was severely underweight, showing all her little bones off.

The mother was 'removed' completely from the litter when they were 5 weeks. She had never ran, played with toys or been outside.

We brought her home to our 9 month old Airedale puppy, who quickly washed her and snuggled down with her.

He soon took her under his wing and became the protective big brother.

Seeing her play with all her new toys was amazing, she couldn't believe her luck!

She also quickly had a go at running and found she really enjoyed it!

She is now four months old and enjoying the more comfy life, snuggling up to mummy and daddy when she can, and bossing her big brother Pippin around!

Despite her start in life, she has no problems and is a happy healthy little girl, quick to socialize with all the other dogs at the park (and showing them who is the boss).

We bless the day she came into our life, and are proud to know we have increased the quality of her life tenfold.

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Tango the Whippet

by Lori Tatum

Tango is our sixth whippet.

Once you have one, you will never turn to another breed.

Tango was born to dance but when not dancing, loves to lay in the sunshine, and will gravitate to a nearby lap in a heartbeat.

He is the best whippet we have ever had, and a real beauty!

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Cisco the Whippet

by Sharen

Our whippet Cisco is three years old.

Since we brought him home he has been a complete joy.

I always say Cisco is like gold to me. He is amazingly cleaver and very handsome.

Though he can be a little naughty when he chooses (though really more funny than naughty) if I say to him: "Cisco remember you must act like a gentleman!", he immediately does just that.

Amazing. He is so beautiful.

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Tank the Whippet and our 2 GSD

by Judy Anderson
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

Our Whippet is more or less a rescue dog. He was brought to us by a college student who had bought him from a breeder but realized in just a short time she didn't have time for him and his life was and would be spent in a crate.

She said at first she put an ad in the paper to sell him since she had paid a lot for him.
Thank God she thought more about her dog than the money.

My step son called one day and asked if we would consider another dog. We have 2 GSD.

He told us the situation and we agreed to meet with her at our house. This way she was close enough also to come visit him.

The Whippet's name is Tank. He was just 5 months old and was shaking like he was scared to death, even before he saw our dogs.

We let him calm down for a while. His tail looked like it had been broken. It is the shape of an L.

After a while we introduced the dogs and the 3 of them took to each other like old buddies.

He hadn't been house trained but had shots, and other than scared he looked like he was in good shape.

She had him registered and we could tell she was doing this for him, not for her. She really wanted to keep him but knew for his well-being she couldn't.

We told her we would see how the rest of the day went with the 3 of them.

The size difference scared me a little but my shepherds are very gentle and are so awesome with the little guy.

By that night we knew he would be happy here. We have a fenced yard for all of them that he just loves.

So, after careful consideration we told her we would keep him for her. I'm not sure what happened in the first few months of Tanks life but he still scares very easy and has fear of anything that is lifted above your head.

The vet said he was in great shape and agreed his tail had been broken, probably shut in a door. But we've had Tank now for 2 and 1/2 years and the 3 dogs are inseparable.

We love to watch them play. He thinks he is a 95lb match for my male shepherd, and our female treats Tank like one of her own.

They are so gentle and play so well together but Tank by far can out run them both. He is a wonderful snuggler and a joy to take anywhere.

He is my little camper and sleeps between my husband and I at night and during the day with the other 2 dogs.

We love him and he knows it.

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Mina: A Whippet! Who Knew??

by Katherine Lent
(Batavia Ohio)

We always knew we would get our first dog once we moved from an apartment in New York to our first home in Ohio. Once we began researching the breed we were smitten.

We just got our 5 moth old Mina. She loves to bolt through the woods that surround our log cabin in the country!

We just love her up and she loves us up! We can't believe how perfect she is for us. It's like she was created just for us!

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Whippets Are Just like Potato Chips, You Just Can't Have One...

by Gabriella Pope
(Lisle IL USA)

Badge and Auntie Diana...Life is good

Badge and Auntie Diana...Life is good

Meet my three amigos...Verdell, and whippets Layla and Badge, all came into my life in that order.

Verdell is a Puppy Mill rescue, socially shut down but he loves me more than life itself, he is a good boy, full of love and I know there is so much he wants to say, and do, but just can't find the nerve, my poor angel, living in a mill for 4 years has truly done a lot of damage socially, but every day he loves us a little more :)

Layla, the Queen of the pack, she has done more in keeping this crew together than I have done, she has shown Verdell to trust, and Badge to pay attention. Layla's spirit is fun, exciting and precocious, that's my girl!

Badge..Badgie Boo...Lumpy, when he looks at me, the look coming from his eyes, I know that I will never see another love like this, he smothers me with his affection, he is kind, loving and would not even think to hurt even a fly, he is a sweet boy always, my velcro boy, snuggle boy.

All three of my dogs have different personalities that's for sure, but together they make my house a home, I would not trade them for anything.

I love my Whippies...and my Verdell, they are my heart and I am their everything.

Adopt your next pet, you won't be disappointed.

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Willow the Whippet

by Gina Lax
(Newcastle, Wyoming, USA)

Gypsy the Boston Terrier and WILLOW!

Gypsy the Boston Terrier and WILLOW!

Willow has been a wonderful adopted dog!

I adopted her about 1 year ago in a neighboring community.

She is 3 years old and I was told that I am home number 6!

I can't imagine anyone not wanting her! She is a VERY loyal and loving dog.

I had never owned (or rather have been owned by) a whippet.

My father had one and really loved her, and now I can really see why.

She has definitely been a blessing to me and my family!

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Yo-Yo and Ren the Whippet Evil Twins

by Jeremy Lowen
(Box Hill North, Victoria, Australia)

You are under my power

You are under my power

So I have these two little terrors you guys call whippets. I know them as devil spawn. Yo-Yo and Ren are their names.

They may look cute and innocent but, I assure you, it's just a cleverly devised tactic causing you to drop your guard, a form of mind control they posses over me now, bending me to their will, a mere servant to their twisted minds.

Excuse me, I've been summoned to play with a ball.

Actually they're real sweeties most of the time.

Fun fact, Yo-Yo will jump into my arms on command, Ren is scared of electronic devices, cardboard boxes and things that fly.

They both love to eat bars of soap.

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Whippets Are a Girl's Best Friend

by Luca
(Budapest, Hungary)

When I adopted Alvin, my whippet, he was very sick and he was so thin, that I was afraid to lose him. Now he is one and a half years old, he is very fast, always ready to play, and he is up to some hanky-panky most of the time.

What Alvin wants to do sometimes is completely different from what I want him to do.

When I call his name in the park, he stares at me considering coming back or just coming closer. But whenever I am nice with another dog, he is right there showing that it is not allowed for me to touch a dog except him.

When we play with the ball, he brigs it back, but never come closer then one meter.

When it is cold outside, he looks at me as I wanted to kill him to make him go outside.

When I leave he is always in the window and my heart is nearly broken as he looks at me with those sad eyes.

Every morning he wakes me up at 6 o'clock, we go for a walk, he eats his breakfast, and then he finds a half-warm bed to sneak back into it. In that case he is OK with being alone, in other cases he is not. :)

Anywhere I go at home, after a minute he is there. He has to see everything and he has to know everything.

He is just an adorable dog, filling the world with happiness.

I am glad to have him and wish everyone had a friend like him. Surely Alvin the whippet is this girl's best friend!

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest: Misty the Poser

by Ray Whitehead
(Middlesbrough, UK)

Misty 8 weeks

Misty 8 weeks

Misty is our 6 month bundle of fun, she loves her walks, devours her meals & will lay patiently under our 1 year old grandsons highchair waiting in case any tasty morsel drops down from above.

She loves everybody & thinks all dogs will be her new best buddy.

One of her strange quirks is she often sits staring at flies on the back fence for up to 30 mins.

As you can see she is a little stunner.

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest: Olive the Ninja

by Sarah
(Ontario, Canada)

Olive is my 8 month old whippet. She's an absolute sweetheart. Her favourite things to do are to go to the dog park and to play with her friends.

She's starting to get mischievous as she gets older. Everything she can find goes in her mouth. No garbage is safe from her, no blade of grass, and no piece of clothing. She's like a ninja when she eats things she can't. Just the other day she saw a nick in the wall and started digging at it behind our backs.

She only eats her food if it's softened with water, and if she doesn't want it, she'll spill it all over the floor!

Despite all her quirks, she's a sweetheart. She loves to cuddle in the bed with you. She likes to sit on your lap during a movie. Most of all she loves sitting in her papasan chair throwing the pillows in the air!

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Whippet In The Morning

by Dan O'Connor
(Shawanagunk NY)

Sunshine On My Shoulders

Sunshine On My Shoulders

Jolene, our six year old whippet just loves to do anything we do. One of her favorite things to do is to just simply sit and watch the Sunrise and bathe in the beautiful warm rays, occasionally letting out a low pitch whippet howl, which, translated means, "Sunshine in My Eyes Can Make Me Smile."

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by Treeza
(Bognor Regis)

My handsome Boy

My handsome Boy

Dan came to us from whippet rescue. He is now 15 years young, he has lived with us since he was 4 years old.

I feel blessed that we were able to rehome him,as he has been the most special lovely dog I could have wished for.

We live in Bognor Regis and when I'm out with Dan he attracts so much attention, mums, dads, grans, grandads, children all seem to want to come up and say hello.

He has such a wonderful nature and wouldn't hurt anyone.

A few years ago when we were out, broken glass was left in a certain recreation area where we used to walk.

I didn't know he had hurt himself until we got home and I saw blood on the floor. It was quite a nasty cut but he made no fuss at all.

I took him straight to the vets and because where the cut was the skin was thinner, the vet knew it would be tricky, he decided there and then to staple it.

Dan was so brave he didn't make any sound at all!
He knew it had to be done.

The vet said he had never known a dog like him.

It healed up nicely but if we ever have to go to the vets, as soon as we get in there, Dan literally shakes from head to foot and I have to pick him up and wrap him up.

Thank you whippet rescue for bringing us together!

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Maggie, the Magyar Whippet

by Sam Stewart
(Budapest, Hungary)

Maggie is a fawn purebred whippet who lives in downtown Budapest, Hungary.

Her proud owners are US citizens based in Budapest serving the US Government.

Maggie lives a great life, has her own EU passport, and has already seen several countries in Europe.

Since she was born and bred just outside Budapest she's bilingual and knows Hungarian and English commands.

Maggie egy csodálatos kutyát!

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Sam the Whippet: Look at Me Now!

by Wendy Marker
(Poole Dorset)

3 years ago a friend's whippet had 12 puppies but after 3 weeks she just couldn't keep up with all of them, so I took on 3 of the pups and hand reared them.

3 weeks later the mother wasn't coping with the puppies so I took the whole litter on and hand reared all of them.

After I successfully reared them all and sold them to their new owners, my friend gave me Sam as a thank you present.

Sam was one of the first three puppies I took on and at the time he was nearly dying but 3 years on this is what he looks like!

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Missy the Whippet, Our Forever Puppy.

by Jim Hallam
(Shorewood, IL)

Missy is a 5 yr. old female whippet.

She has torn both rear ligaments these last 6 months and is doing so well.

These whippets are the sweetest breed in the world.

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Badge, the Greatest Whippet!

by G. Pope

We've had Badge now for two years, he was 2 when we adopted him and he is a joy to have around.

He loves to play with his squeaky toys, bring them to me and then fetch them as I throw them out.

He runs like the wind with his half sister Layla, and there isn't a squirrel that runs into the yard that he doesn't try to catch, but I think if he ever did get close enough he wouldn't know what to do with it as he is such a gentle boy.

He is your typical whippet, a cuddler at night, he follows me around during the day.

We go to the whippet races where he loves to watch his sister run, he is not one for racing with other dogs, he'd rather stay by my side and watch.

Please vote/rate Badge as he would truly love to have the beautiful collar, it would be so nice for him to wear when we go for walks into town. Thank you!

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Whippet on The Lake

by Dan O'Connor
(Shawanagunk NY)

Don't Bother Me Now, I'm Fishin'

Don't Bother Me Now, I'm Fishin'

Our 6 year old Whippet Jolene loves to do anything that we are doing including just spending a relaxing day on the lake fishing.

Like a true fisherman she sits quietly with her Rod in the Holder, staring at the bobber on the end of her line just waiting to see any sudden movement, to which she quickly alerts me with a special whippet bark which translated means : "Get the Net!"

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Treat? Did I Hear Somebody Say Treat?

by Dan O'Connor
(Shawanagunk NY)

Jolene, our 6 year old whippet can be sound asleep on the couch and all you have to do is say the word TREAT and her one ear will shoot up like a radar as she instantly wakes up.
Selective whippet hearing!

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