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Sorry for No Picture here
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the Kind Comments. Unfortunately the Picture of Jolene that was to go with this explanation, with One Ear Standing Upright at Attention, was too big and didn't upload. I can't figure out how to fix it. Sorry about that. She is simply amazing.
When we were thinking of getting another dog, a friend of mine who owns a whippet said to me, "You don't want a dog, you want a whippet!" She was so right, they are in a class alone.

by: ange and zelda

Our whippet Zelda knows many words.

Chicken, hungry, yummy, yucky, car , walk, run, she knows our 3 cats names and our other 2 dogs names, wee wes, poo poos, are you ok?, bed, no, ball, lead, go out?, puss puss, sheep, birds, ducks, other doggies, don't touch, she knows all my kids names, sleep, tired, big long legs, chest, kisses, cuddle, sun.

Whippets are so clever. They are the most amazing dogs that I have ever known of and I mean EVER.

When I'm older and Zelda isn't here anymore (although I loathe thinking about it) when I'll be ready I will definitely get another whippet.
I will grow old with a whippet in my life.
Zelda is my best friend.
Your dog is amazing.
She is obviously very in touch with you guys and slots into your family just like a human.
That's how whippets are eh ;)
Ange and Zelda

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