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We rescued each other!

by Shannon Knight
(Simi Valley CA USA)

Our first meeting in Scottsdale AZ

Our first meeting in Scottsdale AZ

I met Louie when he was only 7 months old in Scottsdale AZ.

I showed up in his home from Seattle WA in a walker having just had surgery on my legs.

I had knee replacements and the left one was put in crooked so the surgery had to be modified.

This little fawn Italian Greyhound bonded with me instantly.

I was in AZ to receive cancer treatment. I had heard of a clinic called New Hope and flew to AZ to try an save my life.

I was refusing chemo and I was very sick. I had 25 stitches still in my knee so I made the trip soon after surgery.

I was a mess quite frankly, my boyfriend was cheating on me and I just needed a friend and there was Louie.

He picked up on every pain in the world that I was carrying and was by my side constantly.

This dog was so funny, I was bed ridden except while I was gone getting treatment, but he was always laying with me in bed right under my neck in my hair or burrowing down into the bottom of the blanket.

There was much chaos in the house I was at. I was not familiar with the family I stayed with and I was very nervous.

Louie calmed me instantly. I noticed that he was not really taken care of well, the owner left doors open and Louie would be lost in the desert.

We'd drive around looking for him and he was the same color as Jack rabbits.

I loved Louie and when it was time to go, I CRIED. I did not want to leave Louie behind. I told the owner that if he ever wanted to give Louie another home to please contact me.

I went into remission from my Stage 3 Breast cancer so treatment was a success!

In September the following year, I received a phone call from the owner of Louie and he was crying.

He said Louie had been attacked by a coyote and he had to give him away.

Louie will be 5 this September and truly, this wonderful dog has been the most loyal friend anyone could hope to have.

He is always by my side.

Shannon Knight

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Jun 02, 2015
by: Anonymous

Please stop!

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