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Information on Whippets: Best Books

These are the books where we found the best information on whippets. Find out about choosing a puppy, dog breed characteristics, canine nutrition, puppy housebreaking and great whippet pictures.

The Whippet by Bo Bengtson

The latest edition of the whippet bible written by renowned breeder, historian and judge Bo Bengtson.

This is the most ambitious and complete book about this breed, it offers a detailed history of the whippet and the kennels that made the breed as we know it today.

Rich of rare illustrations of the whippets of the past, this work is a must for any breeder and serious whippeteer.

Read here our interview with author Bo Bengtson.

Whippets by D. Caroline Coile

A great book in a small package. The novice owner will find here all the basic information on whippets, the experienced whippet fan will enjoy the humorous writing and will come upon some useful new whippet information.

The author is a Ph.D. in neuroscience and behavior and an enthusiast of sighthounds since the sixties.

It makes the perfect instruction manual a breeder could give to every new puppy buyer.

The book includes a surprising amount of excellent whippet pictures.

The Working Whippet by Helen Hansel

Whippets are not only great companions but also real working dogs. Helen Hansel in her book shares her knowledge about breeding, training and preparing a whippet for field work. A great book for all whippet fans.

The Whippet by J P Moran-Healy

Excellent information about this dog breed characteristics and needs.

There is a complete discussion about the breed standard and the UK and international bloodlines but also more basic info about rearing a puppy and competing in whippet sports.

The English Whippet by E.G. Walsh and Mary Lowe

Everything you always wanted to ask about whippets.

This book, written by two authorities in the field, will give thorough whippet information about the history, standard, bloodlines and breeding but also tips about choosing a puppy and look after him.

Sighthounds Afield by Denise Como
Denise Como wrote the most complete book about sighthounds and racing events. It began as a flyer she wrote to explain the rules of coursing and running events and in time became a massive handbook and a very complete guide to sighthound performance events. This is the best book to have if you are planning to start your whippet or sighthound in any running competition. This manual has very interesting chapters about nutrition, conditioning and tips for starting successfully in any amateur performance event plus a chapter about adopted ex-racing greyhounds.

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