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Best Dog Training Book

If you ask about the best dog training book to one hundred trainers, you'll receive one hundred and one different opinions. I'll list here some of my favorite training books that effectively helped me with my dogs.

And the Award of Best Dog Training Book Goes to...

Don't Shoot the Dog! by Karen Pryor

Training without force, punishment and yelling. A dream? No, a reality and almost a way of life.

The high priestess of clicker training explains with humor the principles of behavioral training and makes the reader understand how these techniques can be used, not only in dog training but virtually in any situation: from shaping the relationship with a roommate to improving kid's behavior.

Positive reinforcement can help you, not only with your dog, but also to fight your own addictions or tackle problems with a moody spouse.

An invaluable book for anyone but absolutely a must for teachers, parents and of course for animal trainers.

More Books I Love

The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell

Jan Fennell was inspired in her work with dogs by Monty Roberts, the famous "horse whisperer".

Through observation of her dogs' behavior, she elaborated her theories and techniques to build a solid relationship with her pets based on mutual understanding and respect.

Her goal is to fill the language gap that separates us from our dogs and obtain happy and relaxed dogs that are able and willing to follow our leadership.

The author offers simple tips anyone can follow in everyday life that can dramatically improve your relationship with your dog. 

This book is a landmark in any dog lovers' library.

Cesar's Way by Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan, gives us a simple formula for a better relationship with our dogs based on common sense and dog psychology.

Cesar's Way is not another training manual, it doesn’t give tips about how to make your dog perform cute tricks or win obedience titles.

The author of this enjoyable book reminds us what the relationship with our dogs is all about.

Sometimes we forget that humans are humans and dogs are dogs. Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer, puts things in the right perspective and thanks to his great observation skills, he explains to us the simple steps we must take to enjoy our dogs at their best.

We forget too often what our dogs need the most from us: first exercise than discipline and finally love.

This is the simple but often forgotten magic formula for a better life with our pets.

Cesar Millan explains in this pleasant and easy to read book how to make his magic formula work.

Once the relationship with our pets is started on the right foot we’ll be able to train successfully for tricks and competitions.

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