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Feeding a Whippet with Homemade Food

Feeding a whippet with homemade food gives you total control over the ingredients. Pets love home cooked dog food and it can turn out to be cheaper and healthier than the best commercial dog food. Find out how to get organized. 

Cook in big batches and freeze the food is a good timesaving strategy. Once the cooking is done and the food is at room temperature you can keep it in the fridge for about 3 days and the rest can be packed in individual portions and frozen.

Our dogs don’t need or appreciate elaborate dog food recipes. Simple cooking without salt or spices is enough to provide safe and healthy dog food, so instead of giving complicated recipes, I’ll list the best ingredients for making your own dog food.

Best Ingredients

Meats and Proteins

The meat can be served chopped or minced, if you want to keep on the safe side about bacteria and salmonella, cook it.

The best meats are beef, lamb, chicken and turkey. Most dog experts carefully avoid pork because it is too fat and tends to upset the digestion.

Green or Unwashed tripe

Dogs consider it a delicacy and it is very nutritious but it is terribly smelly to cook. The commercial dried variety is a great alternative.  


Must be carefully boned and can be steamed or microwaved.


They are an excellent source of cheap, high quality proteins. If they are from a reliable source they can be given raw or otherwise boiled. The shell is a natural source of calcium and some dogs really like it.I boils eggs, keep them in the fridge and add them to the dry food.

If it doesn’t cause diarrhea, milk can be added to the daily diet.


Dogs don’t digest grains efficiently. To add them to their diet we must cook them or make them into biscuits.

Rice is gluten free and easily digested moreover puffed rice doesn’t require cooking and can be mixed directly to the cooked meat.

Other safe carbohydrate sources are potatoes, yams and oatmeal.


Most dogs enjoy the occasional treat of a carrot or bits of vegetables and fruits for variety.

Never Feed:

Never Feed

-cooked bones




How Much Should You Be Feeding a Whippet?

The quantity of food you should be feeding a whippet varies remarkably. Some dogs seem to thrive on thin air while others enjoy robust appetites. 

You are the best judge of the quantity of food your dog should eat.

With home cooked food there are no charts to follow and the quantity of food you should give is entirely determined by your dog’s condition.

Observe your dog to determine the right amount of food you should be feeding a whippet.

In a sighthound you should see some muscle definition and a distinct tuck-up at the belly. Seen from above, the waist should be visible and the overall figure quite curvy. 

It should be possible to feel the ribs at touch.

If you see your whippet loosing his svelte silhouette, reduce the quantity but increase the amount of food if he is getting too thin and restless.

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