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My Whippets
by: Gabriella

I have to say my Whippets bark a lot too but only when they see another small animal.

They don't bark if someone is walking past the house, but boy if a squirrel or rabbit dare to run in the yard! It is CRAZY!

The only thing that will stop them from barking is putting them in the house :) So yours seem to be pretty normal if you ask me..I love my whippets!

Beautiful Sisters
by: DanO'

They are just beautiful. What a Great Picture of the two sisters together.

Our whippet, Jolene, also barks a lot, especially at other dogs...she seems fearless of them.

It's funny hearing a loud intimidating bark coming from such a mild mannered breed like a whippet but they do make good watch dogs as least, until they are seen!

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