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Go wheat-free
by: Anonymous

If your whippet is having more than two bowel movements a day it's possible that it's diet may be a factor. Some kibble products have a fair bit of wheat/grain in them. Wheat can cause problems with a dog's digestive system. This can also happen with Greenies for the same reason.

I suggest checking the ingredients in everything you are feeding and if it has wheat change to a wheat/grain free alternative.

New Baby
by: Leanne

It might be that he senses the new baby and that things will be a bit different. Right now he probably gets a lot of attention. When the baby comes the baby will demand a lot of attention.

I had a cat years ago that went through this. Through the later part of pregnancy he got weird, started spraying when this was not his trait. When the baby came he stayed away and would just stare.

Finally after two weeks he started to try and check it out. He was gentle with the baby and was sniffing the baby's foot and suddenly he grabbed the sock and pulled it off the baby and ran away with it. We never did find that sock.

Another thing I noticed with my daughter's dog Boomer that he won't go to the bathroom just anywhere. He likes to be in a particular area. If we are out and about he will literally hold it till he comes back to his own home. Even if we were at a park. Just food for thought. Good luck.

Patience and Consistency
by: Anonymous

As you become more familiar with your dog's toilet habits, you can tell by his subtle indications that he needs to go.

When I got my six month old whippet, I trained her consistently on hitting a silver bell that I hung by the back door.

To teach her at the beginning, I had to physically lift her paw and assist her to touch the bell, using words "touch bell peepee out", then she got a treat.

After that, I immediately took her to a spot in the yard where I wanted her to go and waited and waited patiently and consistently every few hours in every kind of weather with treats in my pocket.
Immediately I gave her one when she was successful in going.

I did this over and over every few hours and after about 2 weeks she got the hang of hitting the bell and understanding the words I use.

I have had her almost two years and let me tell ya...when she's gotta go, she wacks that bell like there's no tomorrow!

The message here is that you need to be willing to have everyone in the family on board with a regimented, consistent and patient training program.

I do not free feed her so I know her two meals a day will result in a healthy poop and pee after about two hours for her.

She never gets food after six and no more water after 7 pm.

My last mission of the day is always her toilet even if I feel she does not have to go.

She is such a good girl she often manages to provide my lawn with a wee tinkle.

Good luck !!!

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