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My Whippet Pup Chases My Small Keeshond
by: Bonnie

I have a five month old Whippet pup named Penny. I got her when she was 10 weeks old and introduced her into a home with two adult cats and a senior aged miniature Keeshond named Gizmo.

Penny's prey drive has started to kick in and when she is out in the fields, she has now started treating Gizmo like prey.

Penny shows the prey instinct when we are out in the yard playing, but I divert it with a tennis ball or other toy. Penny does not chase Gizmo in the house, nor does she chase the cats as they don't take any of that stuff from her.

Today, Gizmo had to be picked up as Penny was starting to grab him by his neck. Up to now, she has not displayed this sort of aggressive behavior toward him.

I can think of only two solutions: 1) keep Gizmo to the side while Penny has her run 2) buy a muzzle and let them run together.

Any comments/suggestions are appreciated! Thank you.

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