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Whippet Rescue: My Savannah-Banana

by Mandy Perry
(Killeen, Tx)

Savannah-Banana and her boyfriend Russell Stover.

Savannah-Banana and her boyfriend Russell Stover.

This past Halloween (2009), the Centex Humane Society (also known as 2nd Chance Animal Shelter here in Killeen, TX) had a fire that destroyed the entire front half of the shelter, killing about 90 plus cats and dogs (mostly the smaller and older animals that could not be housed outside).

My husband was one of the firefighters that responded to the fire that morning. After he was back at the station, he called to let me know what happened since I'm a regular volunteer at the shelter.

Immediately, at 4 in the morning, myself and other volunteers and workers were out at the shelter removing the last of the living and passing-away animals. It was absolutely a heart breaking situation for all.

However, out of the horrible situation came Savannah-Banana. She was one of the surviving dogs. She had just recently been fixed and was being housed in one of the indoor kennels while she was recovering (her small size wouldn't have allowed her to be housed outside with the bigger dogs).

The day following the fire, I decided to foster Savannah since all dogs housed inside had to find temporary residence while waiting for reconstruction of the building.

My husband was more hesitant since we already had 4 dogs in a two bedroom house, but she did find a way to win him over with her adorable brown eyes!

At first very shy, Savannah blossomed into a total spit-fire! She has put on weight and is now about 25 lbs with the body of a Whippet and hints of Lab in the face.

She can hold her own with my two Healer Mixes and my Rhodesian, but is still the most sensitive and submissive of all of them.

While my husband and I at first were fostering her, I became attached and just couldn't stand the thought of sending her back to living in a kennel after she had become so used to living with a family.

So, my husband and I agreed to adopt her with the intention of still trying to find her a good family that will give her the best life possible and love for the rest of her life.

If anyone is interested in our Savannah please contact at

We are not asking money for her just a great family that wants a great addition to their home.

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by: Heather

I hope that you found her forever home. Your post was so long ago, I'm sure you did.

I'm looking for a new fur-baby to love.


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