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by: kayla

Your dog looks just like my dog!

I got her about a month ago from the humane society & they said she may be a German shorthair mix too.

People have told me that she looks greyhound but not quite, so I looked into whippet.

She was also brought in a stray & her birthday was estimated late may 2011.

by: Anonymous

I have a whippet mix who came from a shelter and he looks extremely similar to your dog. So I would say he surely has some whippet in him. Great dogs!!!

Looks Like My Charlie
by: catherine

Wow! He looks just like my Charlie did when he was a puppy.
Charlie is now 4 yrs old and 60lbs. I guess it's the beautiful whippet face they share!

by: Marion

Well, Whippet or not, he is very photogenic and a good poser. The name Bandit suits him well!! I am sure he will steel all the girls hearts

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