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Our little Lucy
by: Anonymous

We have a Chi-Whippet mix. She has been such a wonderful dog.

She weighs 20.5, is incredibly fast and is such a gently, sweet natured little precious pup.

She is now 6, and was just diagnosed with Lymphoma, we know our time is short with her now, but would love to find another Chi-whippet to fill our hearts after she is gone.

There is absolutely nothing that I can say negative about this mix, she was easy to train, super smart, loving, great with kids and very compassionate.

Oh and she smiles, doesn't get much better then that. I recommend this mix to anyone.

Beagle/Whippet Mix
by: Dan (Philadelphia, PA)

I adopted a puppy from a rescue in December who has a lot of the same features - he is mostly white with a black spot on his bottom & his face is split down the middle Brown/white.

He has very long skinny legs, loves to snuggle up & rarely barks - after doing some research on the web, I think he is a Beagle/Whippet mix - I was thinking about doing one of those genetic test but it really doesn't matter because whatever he is - we love him.

Sweet Rescues
by: Heidi

I too, adopted a strange little mix when he was 4 months old. They labeled him as a Chihuahua & Whippet mix.

He was so timid and scared. That was 9 years ago, and our Spikey is just the sweetest boy. He grew to about 20 lbs and when younger just sped along like a bullet! Those were short bursts, because nap time was very important, also.

He is like my shadow and will follow me everywhere. He looks a lot like Happy - that kind of goldie color with a white chest. It is so rewarding to open your heart and home to a rescue animal.

Whippet Beagle
by: Harlo's Dad

My wife allowed me to adopt (actually she gave her to me for my birthday) a dog finally. We were told she was a Chihuahua Beagle mix and Harlo looks a lot like Happy... I'm totally sold on the Beagle part, but the Chihuahua is out the window.

Harlo is faster then a speeding bullet, able to out run a Great Dane in just a few bounds and not quite able to leap tall building in a single bound but man can she jump!

Watching her run I'm 100% convinced she's some type of sight hound and based on her size Grayhound is out and Whippet is in!

I'm almost willing to bet money and pay for the DNA testing just to prove she's a Whippet Beagle cross. Maybe when she gets up in her years I'll do it so I know what type of a dog to rescue when it becomes time.

All I know is she may be 50% Whippet and 50% Beagle but she's 100% mutt and with out a doubt the best birthday present I've ever gotten.

Good possibility
by: BeagleWhippet

Last September, my daughter and I adopted 2 litter mates, a male and female. We haven't done a DNA, but believe they are a Whippet/Beagle Mix.
The male is 23 lbs and the female is 25 lbs. The can run very fast and in the run look a lot like a greyhound in action. Both are highly intelligent and high energy pups. House breaking took one week. We just spoil them as much as we can. Your dog looks a lot like our male.

by: Barbra

Your little gal looks just like our little one Kona. When we adopted her from the Marin Humane Society we were told she was chihuahua/terrier and would be about 10 pounds. Well she grew and grew to 20 pounds and is 18 inches tall at her hind legs. Fast as a bullet and full of energy.

My dog is the same!
by: Laura

I have a dog that looks exactly like your dog and I mean exactly!

Im thinking he's either a beagle whippet or a lab whippet. ´He runs like crazy so I am stuck on the whippet.

Whippet and Chihuahua?
by: Anonymous

I have a dog, Lucky, that looks very similar to Happy and is also an unusual mix.
We think that she is a mix of a Chihuahua and whippet.

Lucky is about 20 lbs and is taller than a Chihuahua but shorter than a whippet. She has the tail and ears of a Chihuahua and can run as fast as a whippet with her thin whippet legs.

You can see a picture of what Lucky looks like at:

I hope this helps solve the mystery of Happy's ancestry!

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