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Whippet Mix: Mudpuppy

by B. Holt
(Early Branch S.C.)

My wife and I found our whippet mix at a boat landing near to a state park in South Carolina.
She and another pup had obviously been abandoned there and were trying to scavenge in the waste barrel.

We coaxed her into the car with some kfc chicken though we were not able to catch her litter-mate.
I had been looking for a companion dog as I work alone and often at night.

She was about 2 months old when we found her. At first she was very timid and friends actually were making jokes about her ability to protect me at work or home.

I found her to be very intelligent and loyal and decided to keep her and work with her to ensure she could be a constant companion and protector without being a danger to casual acquaintances.

She will come to my whistle and returns to my side at my command. Her name is Mudpuppy which is fitting as thats where she was when we first saw her, ankle deep in the mud at the boat-launch.

Since she is tiger brindle her coat blends in very well in our low-country marshes as to become quicky invisible in dry tall grass even when she stands there looking at me.

She is a rocket on 4 paws and loves nothing more than to run around our farm chasing the local squirrels back to their treetops or just around the acreage showing off her blinding speed.

She often runs around our home as I let her out and she meets me from the other direction having run around the house while I walked down 4 steps.
She is a super loyal dog, very loving and gentle with our family and friends and even very tolerant of our cat.

She has also proven herself to be a very good watchdog as she will bark once when someone comes into our driveway or to our door although at all other times she is a silent dog except that she will sometimes bark once to let us know that she has been outside long enough and wants to come inside.

She has also proven herself as a protector. Once I was approached at the run by a bulldog and on another occasion an Australian shepherd ran at me growling. On both occasions Mudpuppy got between me and the other dog and even fought with the bulldog when he didn't stop coming in, despite being only half the bulldogs size.

Her quickness won the day and the bulldog ran off being harassed by Mudpuppy until I called her back after 50 yards or so.

I have never had any other dog so gentle and loving and yet so willing to save me whatever the risk to herself. She is just a super dog! I would and do recommend a whippet or whippet mix to anyone and everyone who wants a great companion and house dog.

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in loving memory
by: B holt

Sadly, Mudpuppy died in Dec 2010. One of her puppies ran out in the road and got hit and killed.

Mudpuppy ran out into the road as protector of her son and was struck and killed.

R.I.P. Mudpuppy and Duece :( You are so missed.

Post a pic please
by: Terri-Anne

She sounds just like my tiger brindle whippet possibly lurcher cross Coco.

She too is a rocket when she runs and most dogs can't keep up with her, no matter how much she tries to get a chase off them.

She is the most friendly and submissive dog of all the dogs I have ever met on our walks, but I have no doubt that if needs be she would protect me vehemently. She also never barks unless someone approaches the house.

Coco is a loving, friendly and happy dog and is a joy to me and my house mates, Nicola especially.

by: Marion

I so enjoyed your story about Mudpuppy. Now, how about a photograph, would love to see him/her.

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