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by: Anonymous

I have a two year collie x whippet and the children have rabbitsand chickens. He has not once chased them or the chickens, but wild rabbits , pheasants,foxes and deer are all a different stories. Will even herd the pigs if asked.

reply to bernie
by: Matthew

Hi Bernie!

Yes mate, I have a whippet x collie which is six months old an I also have a bull x greyhound which has just been bred two weeks ago to Mr Spangles (Jack) so there are pups due in the new year.

Yes mate, would like to go hunting if you want to. I have permission for 60 acres of woodland in Lampeter and elsewhere, it'll be good fun.

What a Looker!
by: Bernie

Alright mate, what a stunning dog!

So he loves coursing, does he?

Hope to see you around. I'm a Newport boy.

Do you have more dogs? We could hunt together!

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