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Whippet Mix: Charlie the Grippet (great dane/whippet mix)

by Catherine

Charlie sunning on the patio

Charlie sunning on the patio

I was volunteering at a shelter.
One morning at the shelter, about a year after I had lost my great dane Peanut to bloat, I went to bring some new puppies out for a walk.
It was January and very cold. The puppy I was holding in my arms, all gangly and paws, did NOT want to be put down on the freezing ground.
I thought I was holding a greyhound mix but the paws where not catlike, they where definitely huge like a dane's.
This puppy was also all black like my dane. I found that indeed the puppies were of a whippet mom and gulp! a great dane dad.
I promised my husband that I could work at the shelter and not bring any dogs home (we already had 3).
Well, I broke that promise, after 3 of the 4 in the litter were adopted and the only one left was the one I couldn't put down on the ground, my heart melted and Charlie had to come home with me. Charlie was an instant part of our family loved by all.
Even though I know he would like to do serious harm to the squirrels in the yard, he became best friends with a hooded rat named Gus.
Charlie became the recipient of a donor cornea (scottish terrier's) last fall when he had a large tumor removed from his eye. He never lost his sight.
Charlie and I enjoy hiking at a state park where he can run freely and think he's chasing squirrels!
Charlie was the runt of the litter.
He is 60lbs, 1/2 a dane and double a whippet, PERFECT!

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by: Anonymous

We have a Great Dane cross. We were looking for a great Danee/German shepherd as we've had two and they were beautiful dogs. Was told she was German shepherd/Great Dane but the more she grew the more I thought she was whippet. She look EXACTLY like Charlie. We adore her. She's funny, loving, intelligent. A beautiful breed. There was a whippet in the dog family of the breeder

More Info Please
by: Anonymous

My pup recently passed away and I know he was a great Dane mixed with some other breed that is unknown, he was such a great dog (words can not describe)it is because of him that know I want another Dane mix at some point. Can you tell me more about your dog's temperament and behavior so I know if a whippet/dane mix is good for my life style?

Our Whippet/Great Dane Mix
by: Wondering

We rescued a dog from a shelter, we were looking for something that could keep up with our Whippet.

They had a Whippet(mom)/ Great Dane mix. She is now 6 months old and about 40# and beautiful. She looks very much like a younger Charlie.

We've been wondering if the shelter had been told the truth, but it really seems as though they were. She can't quite keep up with our Whippet, but has many of the same personality traits and also the laid back side of a Dane.

A good mix of both breeds. They did give the owners a free spay certificate and told them the mom could not go through that again.

My New Puppy
by: Anonymous

So much for the last posters theory! I, too, just adopted a great dane/whippet mix puppy and the vet confirmed it.

I was just on here looking for pictures of what my 3 month old baby will look like as he gets older. What a beautiful dog yours is!

You are Having a Laugh
by: Anonymous

Not a chance of its breeding being true, the pups would be huge in the womb and more than likely not pass out without the help of a vet.

by: Elda

What a handsome dog!
A whippet mom and great dane dad, you said?
It says a lot about whippet's adaptability!

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