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Dawwww Bandit's a cutie!
by: rescuedogmom

From the picture and description, she's probably a "Border Whippet" with a bit of Lab or maybe another breed of hound :) Her face shape and tucked up tummy look whippet, her coloring and the gently curled, slightly feathered tail are border collie, and the longer floppy ears and thicker chest and legs are probably what made folks think lab. Sounds like she got her sweetness and playfulness from all of them. Mixed breeds rock!

Our Whippet Lab Cross
by: DBarr

We Googled the Whippet LabX, and got this blog. It was great to read, as we just acquired such a cross.

We cannot believe what a fabulous dog we have. Kirby is 6mo old, dark brindle, and just a joy. He is VERY mellow, stays on the welcome mat when outside, and playfully engages our barn cats and our Westie.

When first brought in the house, he cruised about for 15min, and then plopped down on the dog bed. We have begun his training immediately, and learned "SIT" in less than 5 minutes.

Next? Neutering, and addressing some minor health issues due to coming from a limited income home....he goes to the vet in 2 days!

by: Marion

About your pet, Bandit. My husband had Fox Terriers when he was growing up and he says Bandit is very similar in colouring and build.

The temperament also seems similar, although Bandit appears to be bigger in height. At the end of the day, you certainly have a wonderful animal there!

by: Anonymous

Awww your dog is adorable (:

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