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Whippet Dog Photo Contest: Duke is Finally Here!

by Lin
(Millbrae, CA, USA)

Moi?  Gorgeous?  But of course...

Moi? Gorgeous? But of course...

We decided a whippet would be a perfect dog for our family, after more than 2 years of studying different breeds and visiting breeders at dog shows. We had no idea how difficult it is to find a Whippet!!!

We tried to adopt first and were turned away because we did not have any experience with sight hounds.

We then tried to find a local breeder but only two days before picking up our pup, we were told that the puppies from the litter we were supposed to pick from, were "show quality" and we could not have him. Such a disappointment! It really ruined our day.

We then reached out to one of the Whippet breeders we met at a dog show and expressed our interest to have a whippet. He told us he had a 1 year old male that was in shows, but had not excelled in the ring and he was available for adoption.

We were thrilled that day and planned to drive all the way from California to Oregon to pick him up. Unexpectedly, his wife called and told us that they decided to keep the dog with a friend.

We were devastated but continued to search through the internet trying to find a Whippet to call our own.

Finally we landed on a website were a breeder had whippet puppies available and she was visiting her sister in Sacramento, CA. We called and the rest is history...

There were 8 puppies. We spent about 5-6 hours with all the puppies, their grandpa, and their uncle... and we fell in love with "Duke"... Just perfect.

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Dec 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

Wow, you went through so much. I am glad you did not give up your search for a Whippet. They are just awesome dogs. So glad you found Duke. What a handsome boy.

Nov 22, 2010
by: Maryann

Good luck with him! AND OH MY GOSH, HE IS GORGEOUS! Whippets are a great fun to have!

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