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Whippet Dog Photo Contest #9: And the Winner is...



Our winner was proclaimed a little later than usual because this edition of our photo contest had an unexpected twist.

The unforgettable pic of the Piggyback whippet pup received 23 comments, the picture of Chase tenderly holding his cat received 13 and the lovely brindle puppy Pippa received 4 but, to my dismay, none of them had a contact e-mail!

So, the whippet collar goes to Kiki that wins with a dramatic story, lovely pictures and only 3 comments but an e-mail to contact her humans.

Congratulations to Jeditte for her wonderful photos and the great story!

Don't be disappointed if you didn't win!

Another contest will be ready soon, send here your best pictures of whippets and don't forget to add your e-mail!

But meanwhile enjoy on this page the whippet pictures sent by other visitors!

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Wow, What a Whippet!

by Jeditte
(Standerton, South Africa)

I fell in love

I fell in love

Wow! was my first word when we arrived at our new rental home in 2009! Don't tell me you have whippets! I uttered to our new neighbours!

This is how I got my beautiful Kiki, from the first next offspring that were to be born!

With 5 adult whippets, there were to be born two litters in May/June 2009.

I got to pick my bitch first! So I fell in love with this beautiful fawn coloured girl with the white heart-shaped face and the permanent make up around her eyes!

Kiki had 8 siblings and 5 half siblings from the other bitch, one month later!

When Kiki was about 6 weeks old at 3am on 16June, something dreadful happened. We heard the gunshot!
it was our neighbour firing a warning at the monsters!

Poison was thrown to take out the dogs whilst they were stealing the vehicle. It instantly killed the grown up whippets.

Two of the pups from the first litter got to the saliva from the adults, dying instantly.

It was like a bad dream, everything happened very fast, my husband brought Kiki in with the remainder of the 6week old pups with the words: "She got some poison".

My heart felt like breaking! I wrapped her into a jacket, giving saltwater, and rinsing her mouth and praying!

At 5am she was still alive, but suffering, we decided to take her into town to the vet, surprised that she was still alive.

Her mother was the only adult that could be rushed off to the vet. She joined her mother.

5 pups, only one week old, now had to be fed by our neighbour.

Unfortunately Kiki's mother did not make it, but Kiki came home the next afternoon.

7 pups from the first litter now had to be held in a closed off piece on the yard, as we had to clean the yard for any remainder of poison.

3 weeks later the neighbours released the pups.

To my disgrace, one of the pups picked up a piece of poison and died.

A week later another followed, the beautiful fawn brother.

Both times, Kiki licked their snouts, showing the all so familiar sign of the foamy scum around the snout. Luckily for her, the neighbours got the anti poison.

Today she is running at 65-70km/h, 2 years old, and we are waiting to see if she will be expecting some pups of her own!

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Piggyback Whippet Pup

by Kellie
(San Antonio, TX)

River is our new whippet pup.

She is a naturally vertical whippet, she already loves to jump and be up higher than her stature allows.

She jumped on my back the first time I bent down to pet her.. so we turned it into a trick!

When she's older we'll turn it into a frisbee leap.

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Our Whippet 'Chase'

by Tarron
(Belgrave, Victoria)

When we got chase she was the tiniest whippet of the litter.

People told us: 'If you get a whippet you can't have a cat!'

Well, as it happens we already had one, we thought: 'Oh no! What if they don't get along?'

We love our cat so much that we would never be able to choose one or the other.

So when we brought her home we were very nervous to see how they would react to each other.

But it turns out within the first half an hour they were running around playing and wrestling having the best time ever!

Now Chase and Oliver are best friends and can't be separated for more than a day! We are the happiest parents ever!

Taz & Yaz

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My Lovely Whippet Puppy Pippa

by Sidney Churchman

This is my 10 week old whippet puppy Pippa. She is a gorgeous Female Brindle with two white socks on her back legs.

She loves to sleep in her super soft bed made especially for whippets.

She is also very fond of chewing things to pieces including; my shoes (especially my ugg boots), my laptop, wood for the fire, towels and blankets, my knitting and her coats as well as everything else, those are just her favourites.

She is such a puppy. She loves her food and our dogs even though they don't particularly like her, she loves to lick my face and play with me, she loves to chase lasers around the house and I know she loves me and I love her!

Written by S. Churchman age: 11 (I have permission by my parents to enter this!)

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Handsome Zinger the Whippet American Idol Judge

by Christopher
(Dublin, CA, USA)

Ready for the ball! (pun intended)

Ready for the ball! (pun intended)

My 2-year-old whippet Zinger is sad that American Idol just ended.

He would sit 2 nights a week listening to the show, quiet if he enjoyed the performance, and groaning if he hated it.

Funny enough, the judges and Jimmy almost always agreed with Zinger after the fact!

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Corbin's First River Experience

by Wendy
(Santa Fe, NM)

Corbin ~ Pecos River, Pecos NM

Corbin ~ Pecos River, Pecos NM

Corbin was born June 25th, 2011 and on the weekend of his 1st Birthday we decided to treat him to a visit to a local river.

He loved it and ran right in. We weren't sure how he would take to water before we went.

So glad he enjoyed his first birthday.

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My Whippet Merlin!

by Annabelle Barnes

I got Merlin when he was 8 weeks old, he is my best friend. He is so loving and really the best company.

Sometimes I treat him like he is my son and I'm only 15 but he is always there to cheer me up and make me smile.

He is my first whippet and I automatically fell in love with the breed.

We have done local shows he got most glamorous out of 50 dogs!

Me and my family take him everywhere, I wish I could take him to school! :)

Thanks and a kiss from Merlin xxx

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Lupo the Whippet

by Danielle Tenace

Lupo is my 4 months old whippet. He is a big sooky baby boy.

I love him dearly and not only because he is a big sook (like most whippets are) he is actually quite brave as well.

He LOVES other dogs, big or small he has no fear and will greet all dogs that come his way.

He is also great around other dogs as we sometimes meet Foxy, a little jack russell cross at the park who is not fond of Lupo as Lupo is a bit playful for him but as soon as he barks at Lupo, Lupo sits down straights away and gets the message.

It's quite cute as Lupo is quite bigger than this little dog.

The other night I went to the shops with my mum and left Lupo with my Dad as he was home watching the footy.

Dad said Lupo started crying after I left. Dad put Lupo on his lap and was trying to cuddle him and sook him up.

Dad said he jumped off his lap, jumped onto the kitchen table where I had left my jacket, grabbed my jacket, brought it over to the couch where Dad was sitting, pulled it onto dad's lap and slept with dad and on top of my jacket.

Dad said he then stopped crying. That was the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

He really makes my life complete as long as I know he is safe, fed, healthy and happy I am happy too.

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Buzz and Gigi the Whippets

by Lesa
(Oklahoma City, OK)

This is a picture of two of my Whippets, Buzz and Gigi.

I was shooting pictures of them one day and got lucky as they stayed in this pose for just long enough for me to get the shot!

Buzz (JAAMA'S Aries) was my first Whippet and is 5 years old now and Gigi (Karasar's Gigi) was my daughter's first Jr. Showmanship Whippet.

Since then, Gigi has had three litters of which we kept Ringo from the John, Paul, George and Ringo litter and currently we have Robin from the Batman and Robin litter.

We are trying to find homes for Batman and Robin.

Meanwhile we enjoy Fly Ball with Gigi, Ringo, Batman and Robin.

Buzz prefers to be a couch potato.

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My Whippet Baloo

by Jessica King
(Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK)

Here is the story of my whippet Baloo and how we rescued each other.

I had always wanted a dog, but my husband has terrible allergies.

When we bought our first house my husband said we could start fostering dogs and see how he would react.

I got in touch with a local rescue center who said they would get in touch.

A few days later I received a desperate phone call from the center manager saying she had a whippet that needed to be out of the pound in 30 minutes or he was to be put to sleep.

I immediately said yes and rushed home to try and get some bits sorted.

When he arrived he was so skinny and terrified.

He was brought into the house and the volunteer told me he had been abused and probably wouldn't want to come near me for a while.

Well, he proved her wrong by plonking himself on my lap.

When she microchipped him he didn't even whimper.

The rest of the day he wouldn't leave my side, he followed me everywhere.

When my husband arrived we had a problem. He had obviously been abused by a man as he was terrified of Jon.

He growled, barked and howled, hiding behind me the whole time.

That night he managed to claw rather deeply into our kitchen door, wee all over the floor, poo on the floor and rather impressively on the dining table - but as soon as he saw me he flew into me as if we had always been together.

I took him for a walk that day and received a phone call from the center saying they already had someone interested in him.

When I got home I told my husband we needed to tidy the house as someone was interested in Baloo and was coming to visit him.

My husband (rather astonishingly) then asked if we could keep him(!), to which I replied yes. We have never looked back since.

Baloo now loves my husband almost as much as he loves me. He has brought such joy to our lives.

I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and I often get very lonely when I am too ill to get out of the house.

Baloo is my angel from heaven. He loves to run around, but is so content to curl up on the sofa all day and keep me company when I am unwell.

He is loyal and loving. He is very protective of me (sometimes a little too protective).

He makes me smile when I am down and he loves to be cuddled.

I recently broke my ankle and if it were not for having Baloo around I would have become very depressed and lonely.

He still has issues with strangers, but has made friends over the months with a few visitors.

He scares easily: fireworks, loud noises and bangs frighten him to a trembling wreck.

He used to hate traveling but only a month ago we took him for a weekend away, 3 hours in the car (with several walking stops), and he was an absolute angel.

I saved him from death and he saved me from loneliness and despair. He brings energy and life to my day.

When I am fed up and my illness is making my life hell he looks at me with those beautiful amber eyes and he cuddles up on my lap and everything feels okay.

He is a key part of our family now and neither my husband or I could ever imagine life without him.

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Kiambis World

by Animagi

Buongiorno to all interested readers!

My name is “Kiambi” but some people call me “Rivarco A Wedding Present to Animagi”.

I was born in Verona and mummy and daddy came to pick me up one week after their marriage, therefore they gave me this long, descriptive name but anyway I prefer people to call me Kiambi!

As I am now the new member at Animagi team I am very proud to tell you, that I feel great here in Austria with my new whippet-family.

Although the “oldies” Nisha and Coco do not allow me to be too cheeky and manic I love to be near them, because they know so many things and I can learn from them.

On the other side there is this lovely Micra, who came to our family some time ago and I can be crazy and wild with her like she is with me, we are the best team and real best friends.

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The Stuffed Animal Serial Killer

by Hannah P.
(Holyoke, MA, USA)

Poor Carly the Clydesdale

Poor Carly the Clydesdale


On days when she is not stealing my heart, little miss Ellie can be found ripping the limbs off innocent stuffies.

Her latest victim, Carly the Clydesdale, can be seen here being tortured.

Since the last incident Ellie has been banned from all stuffies, but her murderous rage has not ceased.

Ellie now spends her time plotting on how to shred household items, including the couch.

I should invest in more rubber toys...

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Symmetrical Whippets!

by Deborah Haworth

Just chillin!

Just chillin!

This is a photo of my 2 lovely whippet boys - Bailey and Reuben.

Bailey (fawn and white) is 6 and father to big boy Reuben who is 2 (fawn with black mask).

They just love to relax on the sofa in the conservatory (and the one in the loung, and my bed, oh yes and the kids beds, or anywhere comfy).

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Kody's First Trip to Florida and the Beach

by Jeff Haymes
(Milford, OH, USA)

Kody was born 11/29/10.
I got him in February in the snow.
Like all Whippets, he loves to run.
I decided I wanted to bring him to Florida for vacation.
This trip was his first time seeing the ocean and really feeling summer heat.
I look forward to bringing him back.


Hello Jeff!
We didn't receive the picture.
Please try again!

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Best Friends

by Craig Morley
(Bakersfield, CA)



Lord Byron and Lady Bella Luna are typical whippets, and these photos represent their pampered life.

From lightning speed to tranquil rest, they love being whippets ... and we love being part of that.

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Whippet Puppy Exploring New Territory

by John Vosloo
(South Africa)

What's up this path?

What's up this path?

A new whippet puppy just arrived at our home in South Africa - still needs to get to know and bond with existing adult whippets.

"I wonder what's up this new and mysterious path?
Better go there and take a look ... oh crap!
Here he comes and I had better find my master asap...hope my legs get me out of this mess !"

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