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Whippet Dog Photo Contest #5 - Announcing the Winner!

Pepper and her Teddy Bear  by Wendy  (Crescent City, CA)

Pepper and her Teddy Bear by Wendy (Crescent City, CA)

We are delighted to announce the winner of the Whippet Dog Photo Contest #5. Here is the photo that wins a lovely leather whippet collar.

Wendy's picture received something like one hundred comments! This photo also wins the record of the most voted picture in our contest history!

Click here to read the story of Pepper and the zillion comments to the picture.

We hope to receive soon from Wendy a picture of Pepper proudly wearing her new collar.

We would like to thank all the participants that sent us so many great pictures and comments. For us it is a great pleasure to receive all these wonderful photos and stories. The participation of our visitors makes our site more lively and our job much more rewarding.

We loved the picture by Kellie Stancligg of the Scooter Dude and we had a good laugh reading the story by by Debrah J. Ede-Neville. We sympathize with all the maids and butlers owned by whippets!

You didn’t win? Don’t worry, keep visiting and checking our pages, we hope to start a new dog picture contest soon, to give everybody a second chance and a beautiful collar to all our whippets.

Meanwhile, enjoy the other whippet pictures sent by our visitors for our fifth contest.

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest # 5: Pepper and her Teddy Bear.

by Wendy
(Crescent City, CA)

Pepper sleeps with her teddy bear.

Pepper sleeps with her teddy bear.

We have three children, two human and one whippet. But unlike most youngest children, Pepper loves getting hand me downs from her big sisters. They give her stuffed animals, outgrown shoes, old balls, and half eaten bowls of cereal. Nothing gets wasted.

Yes, we have a "green" household. Recycle, reuse, until the whippet chews it up. :)

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest #5: Our Life with the Bipeds

by Debrah J. Ede-Neville
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Life is grand!

Life is grand!

Both Max and myself, Moro, reside in a lovely little townhouse with our resident butler and maid, whom we affectionately call our Butler and Maid.

The Bipeds have many challenges, not the least of which is their inability to show grace and elegance whilst sauntering.

Their speed increases somewhat when perched on their bicycles, yet they've not the ability to keep up with us.

We've both decided that, as servants, the Butler and Maid may stay; however, we must show altruism and accept their numerous limitations.

For the love of Canines everywhere - they COOK their food! We do have discussions about their health and wonder what we shall have to do once they've reached old age.

We shan't know until we reach that point, but worry-wart Max does watch them with concern. He's more likely to demonstrate his compassion toward them, snuggling in on the couch and resting his head on their legs.

For me, I fashion myself after Gloria Swanson, choosing to be left alone. I've had to teach the Bipeds our language and though they are slow to learn, they now understand when I want a treat and NOW!

Max and I find it tremendously frustrating to be living in the downtown core of Edmonton as there seems an abundance of rabbits and yet the Bipeds continue to harness us.

Raw rabbit...nothing like it in the world. Yet, the Bipeds continue to restrict us. Their punishment, of course, is a messy bed once we've crawled through and tumbled the covers.

Our life is good, we've no complaints other than the annual checkups and shots. Beyond that, neither of us can imagine how other Bipeds could choose any other canine than a Whippet, though we are more accepting of Greyhounds.

Signing off for now,
Max and Moro Neville

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest #5: The Shame

by John Hughes
(Elizabeth, South Australia, Australia)

Oh, the shame of it!
Getting a licking from Coco the kitten!
Oh, well... maybe I won't need a bath for the show on the weekend.

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Dog Photo Contest #5: Smart Whippet.

by Ashleigh
(BC Canada)

Hello whippet lovers!

My name is Ashleigh and I would love to share a story of my whippets.

Brother and sister Daisy (Black brindle and white) and Tres, pronounced Trey(Fawn and white), are new to my family as of this past Christmas so we are still learning about each other.

Trey is very shy but so willing to please us and very food motivated.
Daisy is a spazz and a needy little girl.

Daisy tends to steal food from Tres so we have started stuffing her meals into an extra large kong to keep her occupied. She quickly learned that if she hits the kong against the wall, it will loosen some of the food but not all of it.

One day after I had given Daisy her kong, I was in the kitchen getting some lunch when I heard a loud bang.

I came running to check to see if the dogs were ok and found Tres in the living room sleeping and Daisy on my bedroom floor chewing on her kong.

Thinking that maybe it was just the downstairs neighbors I went back to the kitchen. After this happened a few times I grew suspicious and watched Daisy from around the corner of my bedroom door.

Sure enough, I watched her jump up onto my very high bed, stand at the edge and drop her kong off the side, sending dog food flying all over my floor. My clever girl realized that she needed more force to loosen the rest of the food.

Thank you for reading my story and I look forward to comments.


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Whippet Dog Photo Contest # 5: Kujo - Pound Survivor

by Shaun Hanna
(Mckinney TX.)

I am Kujo... Fear me. :-)

I am Kujo... Fear me. :-)

Kujo, our 10-pound beast, was a down-on-his-luck pound puppy when we first met him at our local animal shelter. But when his eyes locked with ours, it was love at first sight!

He has been an energetic, loving, and spirited part of our family ever since.

To our surprise, we discovered that he is a celebrity! About 2 months after we rescued him, we saw his picture featured in a local magazine.

He was in his jailbreak pose, of course. (Picture included.)

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest #5: Artie Cosmo Kramer, my Canine Best Friend

by Michelle D
(Elmont, NY USA)

Trying to chase a squirrel up a tree :-)

Trying to chase a squirrel up a tree :-)

I have a 2 year old whippet: Artie Cosmo Kramer. He's been on this site before, as 'Dog of the Day'.

For me, he's the dog of my life!

I love whippets ever since I was younger. I used to watch dog shows and the whippet was just so beautiful and elegant...

Artie gives me such joy every day!

It's true, each dog has its own personality, and he is no different!

He's quirky, stubborn, spoiled, gets jealous easily, 'talks', and loves squirrels.

He likes them so much, I've had to stop taking him on walks into one of my local neighborhoods because there are so many squirrels and trees.

His prey drive kicks in and he just tries to run after them...while I'm on the other end of the leash.

He tries to run after them and then tries to climb trees.

I've enclosed a photo of him trying to get a squirrel that has already ran up into a tree, but being so stubborn, he won't give up!

It adds to my joy of having a whippet, and I'm sure many of you can agree with that!

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest: Pepper Posing

by Wendy
(Crescent City, CA)



It is so hard to get a good shot of this girl.
She is too interested in everything around her.
As if her ears don't tell you that!

Here are a few poses of our newest family member, our first whippet, Pepper.

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest # 5: Our Beautiful Ollie Baba!

by Jodi
(Janesville, WI USA)

Ollie Baba

Ollie Baba

We have always been a greyhound family. We had 3 greyhounds prior to scaling down to a whippet.

Ollie is such a joy. He is a true lover and very dedicated to everyone in our family.

He loves to play fetch and will entertain us and our neighbors for hours. Everyone loves Ollie!

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest # 5: My L'ill Classy Lassie !

by Arlene Tomkins
(Niagara Falls, Ontario)

I truly believe in kismet! If you doubt that things happen in life for a reason think again!

In the past I was an adoptive mom (along with my son) to all manner of creatures...hedgehogs, lizards, rats, snakes, ferrets, a siamese cat to name a few. Truth was...I was not fond of dogs, period!

I was bit by a dog that left a rather nasty scar on my hand when I was a pre-teen and I never quite got over that. I was raised with cats as a child and never had a dog as a pet either.

My son always wanted to have a dog but I would never allow it. My son is now a young adult and in 2008 decided he wanted to move out and took most of the pets with him, only the ferrets stayed with me.

Having raised my son on my own since his birth, and then suddenly finding myself an empty nester, I began to realize how lonely I was becoming.

My brother suggested that I should get a dog and...well, that kind of started the wheels turning.

I mentioned to him that I liked the way sighthounds looked, with their sleek and elegant appearance.

After much pondering and waffling back and forth about entertaining even the notion of having a dog, I began to do some research on dog breeds.

After months of researching breeds (and my brother fanning the flames), I decided I wanted a whippet.

The breed just seemed to fit with what I wanted in a pet and then I began to search out a breeder. I found one and after adopting my girl, I was instantly in love with her!

I named her Sabylla Samadhi. It was not until I received her and got her package that included info about her birth that I realized that I was meant to have her.

Her birthday is on the exact date of my first son's birthday. You see, my son Christopher died when he was three months old.

It is truly special to me that someone who never really cared for dogs much, then adopts one with such a significant birthday .

Now I can't imagine being without her. Sabylla has changed my life in so many positive ways and she even inspired me to start my own small business called "Sabylla's Sense of Style", making custom collars, leashes and bandanas.

Rare are the moments throughout the day when she is not on my mind while I am at work. She is the first thing I wake up to and the last one I see before sleep at night.

To sum it up...I was blessed by her and now we both have an angel to watch over us.

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest #5: Rykky

by Cassie Lee Wilkinson
(Kyneton Victoria, Australia)

Tash , Fred and one lucky Rykky

Tash , Fred and one lucky Rykky

Rykky was a "give away".

How, I just don't understand. You see, to me Rykky lounging on the couch is just a perfect picture, to me watching Rykky run and bound down the paddocks is poetry in motion.

Somehow, troubling so, the would be loving purchaser of this blue blood puppy didn't see the calm, knowledgeable, trusting whippet within when he chained him to a star picket and wished he would simply 'be quiet'.

Of course poor Rykky wanted out, he escaped. On the run, this 12 month old whippet ran straight under a traveling car.

Luckly a torn and bruised, but not broken Rykky was taken to a veterinary surgeon where a $5000 bill was quickly built.

I don't know how long it took for the circular scar around his beautiful waist to heal. The scabs on the back of his fine legs were still fresh when a trembling, untrusting, numb hound arrived home.

6 years on and the slow, tremendously slow, rebuilding effort has come full circle.

Rykky now leads a pack of 4 dogs happily and confidently around the paddocks, barking freely without qualm.

Ryk still bears the scars of his old life, but hopefully on the inside the memories start at the couches, love and freedom he only knows too well now.

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Day dreaming whippet!

by Graham
(Brighton, Sussex, England, UK)

Ferris on stairs

Ferris on stairs

Ferris our two-year-old whippet is a complete little poser - but then he knows he's a bit of a star.

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago as he sat on the stairs, daydreaming, waiting for his walk.

We got Ferris from a breeder in Devon, England when he was nine weeks old. The breeder told us he was a bit standoffish and kept himself to himself - but he came over straight away and was really friendly, so I like to think he chose us.

He is the most affectionate animal you could imagine and he is snuggled up with me on the sofa right now as I type this.

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Mr. Cooper the Whippet and Babies

by Randy Wright
(Seattle, WA )

Mr. Cooper is my buddy, he is a medium size, white whippet with brown spots. He is five years old.

He walks the earth with a kind of a James Dean attitude, a little hunch over at the shoulders, handsome, cool but sensitive, and with a laser focus for squirrels.

One thing about owning a dog is liability. I have seen owners shell out money for their dog biting someone, hurting another dog or cat or damage someone’s private property.

When Cooper was first introduced to a baby, I watched with deep caution as he gently went up to the baby and licked the fresh new face. I glanced at Maria's eyes, they were relaxed, and smiling with ease. I just sat back, and watched Cooper so gently lick the baby's face with just the precise touch.

Another time we were having a patio party when Tam came with her one year old baby and sat down next to us.

Mr. Cooper went over to the baby and licked his face as smiles and giggle bubbled up from the child’s face. On another very hot summer evening I was part of a Neighborhood Block Party where kids and dogs were invited.

As the mothers came with babies crying in their strollers, Cooper would go up and lick the babies face all so gently, pull back to see if they smiled or stopped crying, if not he licked again.

Once he had accomplished his goal he would dash off in a happy little dance. Out of the three babies he licked, Cooper was able to get two babies to smile. Mothers were asking me how I trained Cooper to do this but he is just a sweetheart.

Cooper and I do a morning walk that goes by the shore of Lake Union. This is where in the spring Canada geese with their fuzzes golden chicks are running around the shore.

Cooper loves to make a barmy race at geese to chase them off into the lake. That time Cooper chased the geese into lake but they left their baby chicks behind.

Alarmed, I was racing after Cooper yelling "NO! NO! NO!" thinking he would kill them but there he stood straight up and motionless in the middle of the baby chicks as they are walking between his legs, under his belly and playing around his feet.

Cooper stood still as thinking: “what am I suppose to do now?” while the mother geese were squawking in the lake.

After a few minutes the baby chicks waddled down the slope and jumped back into the water with their moms.

One other time a flock of geese on a bridge were grouped together when Cooper went running after them, all the geese jumped up and flew off into the water except one.

The goose was so freaked out, she was going dingy and just kept running into the side of the bridge.

I was afraid Cooper would hurt this one very confused and scared goose, but all he did was look at her bizarre action and walk back off the bridge.

Coopers just loves to chase of geese off the land and on to the water as this makes him lord of the land.

Cooper also loves to play with cats, to run and dance around them, but cats don’t know he just wants to play. So I have kept him away from cats, to avoid him get hurt or his eyes scratched out.

Cooper knows one white cat that is blind and they are friends, he just walks with it and leaves it alone, he seems to know of the cat’s blindness.

Cooper has found baby kittens hiding alone in the bushes, both times as the kittens waved their little frightened paw at him, Cooper would look at them with his big brown eyes, sniff a little with a look of concern and leaved them alone.

Cooper has the awareness and a loving caress when it comes to babies, kittens, and chicks. That’s all.

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest #5: Tilly Pupps

by Amy
(Canterbury, Kent)

pic 1. Tilly pupps was getting ready to go trick or treating, she got load of sweets and an apple.

pic 2. Pupps getting ready for a party.

pic 3. Having romantic cuddles from Taz in front of a lite coal fire after a long run together.

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest # 5: Lyric Likes Red Wine

by Miles Meister
(Austin, Tx, USA)

Dang it, dad drank it all!

Dang it, dad drank it all!

Lyric is an awesome 1.5 year old Whippet that has a ton of personality.

Right after I finished this bottle of red wine and got up from my couch, I looked back and saw this.

Such a typical move for Lyric.

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest: Icee!

by Logan
(Seattle, WA, USA)

Icee with her sister from another mother (Autumn)

Icee with her sister from another mother (Autumn)

Icee is my first dog. I researched for months for a perfect breed. I stumbled across whippets. I had never heard of one before, but they are amazing! (as all of you know)

For me, the whippet fit my personality best. I am a runner at heart, and that's what whippets are made for. I'm skinny, and a little awkward looking, and whippets aren't known for their large size either. I'm energetic when given the opportunity, but I love to lay back on the couch and just watch TV.

Icee has improved my life in so many ways. I can't thank her enough!

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest # 5: My Angel

by Clare Harris
(Barrow in Furness)

This is me and my whippet Angel.

There is a long and sad story behind my Angel baby, but if it wasn't for the tragedy we went through, we wouldn't have her today.

As you can see she's lovable and cuddable.
She's a warrior, scared of nothing (apart from the toe nail clippers) and will take on anything.

She loves the long walks down the beach where she shows her true colours, jumping from sand dune to sand dune, chasing the odd rabbit and going for a swim to cool off.

She is queen bee of the household and lets us know when she wants to play, which is a boxing match with her strong legs and muscular shoulders.

There is not one fault to her. We love her to bits.

Lucky for us she can put up with cuddles all day long!

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest #5: Taz

by John and Amy

pic 1. What is she doing? Taking pictures! Don't, please don't, I have no make up on!

pic 2. Slow walk through the apple orchard. This brings a lot of confusion to poor Taz. Today there are too many apples and trees.

pic 3. Rabbits, rabbits were have you gone? Ready or not, here I come! Hmmm, I just can't seem to find them!

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Wispa the Whippet: Photo Contest #5

by Phoebe

Hi, this is my whippie Wispa! She is now two years old, but she has a very sad story :(

A few years ago, when she was 3 months old, we rescued her from a house near ours. She was incredibly thin, full of fleas, shaking both with the cold (it was December) and fear of her owners.

They had beat this puppy till she bled, and you can still see scars on her back if you look between her fur. They had kept her in a kennel outside the house. They had also never let her run about, keeping her locked up in the cold kennel with dry food only. No blankets or anything.

Appalled, we took her home and :) fed her, got her clean and vaccinated. Now, she is AMAZINGLY fast, competing in agility trials and more importantly, is the happiest friendliest dog in the world!

We also have another whippet, Riley and they are the best of friends. Whenever you let them off the lead in walks Riley gets tired and Whizz just keeps on running!!

I have uploaded a couple of pictures, some have Riley in them. Wispa is the brindle and white one.

Don't worry, Riley doesn't have a sad story! We just got him healthy from a breeder. Wizz is the really cheeky, fun-loving mad one (although she's very good on the lead, and GREAT at agility) and Riley is more cool and laid back. I have won a trophy with him in obedience trials!

I am very happy with my two equally amazing whippets!


We didn't receive the pictures and your e-mail is missing. Please re-enter the page with the photos, such a nice story deserves to participate!

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest # 5: Surviver!

by Lotta Berlin
(Uppsala, Sweden. )

Against all odds, my darling whippet Moneystep's Shilling had two major operations in just six months and is now happy and healthy again!

In August 2010 she had a cancer operation with a second operation due to complications. She had heavy pain and strong medicine for some weeks.

On January 2011, I woke up one morning and did not find her! She always lies in bed with me and I had to search for her in my 2-bedroom flat!

I found her at last in a closet (the door was open), on the floor! Never, in her 13 years of living, has she laid directly on the floor! She was shaking and so, so sad. She was in pain, I could tell with a temperature 40,1 C.

This time she had acute pyometra and due to the veterinarians lack of competence it also ended up in peritonitis.

If she would have operated her immediately as we arrived she wouldn't have had secondary complications...

Nevertheless, four days in hospital and then back home again. Of course, some pain, but she got medicine.

I felt so sorry for her and thought that she would be "low" in her mood, but as the winter got away and the sun started to warm up she found life again.

I even get her to "run wild" every now and then (for a short moment!) and it makes me feel warm inside. I love her with all of my heart and I hope that she won't have any more operations in her life.

Shilling turned 13 years old in May 2011.

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest #5: Scooter Dude!

by Kellie Stancliff
(San Antonio, TX)

In 2005, I bought a scooter with a sidecar to help save on gas. Little did I know I was purchasing a limo for a whippet.

Sputnik took to riding with very little training. In his younger days, he raced his heart out for me. Now, as an older dog, he still enjoys going fast.

When riding, if he sees prey like a squirrel or a cat, he pointedly looks at me, then at the animal, as if to urge me to use the scooter to chase it down.

He accompanies me to scooter rallies, and weekend jaunts, and simply to go to the dog park.

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest # 5: "Hoot"

by Jo Sowards
(Goldendale, Wa. USA)

Plans had been made and our beautiful girl Solar had a hot date with Canada's Best Racing Whippet in the all of Canada and the USA, Ringdove Chieftain.

Chief and Solar produced two lovely boys on December 29, 2010 of which "Hoot" was one.

To honor Chief, names were selected to represent the Raptors that decorated the Indian headdress and celebration costumes of the First Nations and Native Americans.

Hoot's AKC registered name is Shadow Run Snowy White, (Owl) and Hawks AKC registered name is Shadow Run Black Hawk, (Hawk).

Hoot is the animated and curious mischief maker of the duo. So, this is a shot of his attempt to explore his back yard at 3 months of age.

Needless to say he didn't want to give up his limited freedom.

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest # 5: Jakey Sneaky Dog!

(Bromley, Kent, UK)



One day after returning from the supermarket I was in the kitchen unpacking the shopping bags and really looking forwards to the Danish pastry I bought myself as a little treat.

Jake, my 1 year old Whippet, was no-where to be seen and I thought he'd probably be asleep somewhere as usual.

When I'd finished unpacking I was very disappointed as I couldn't find the pastry and figured that I'd left it at the supermarket or lost it en-route somehow.

A little later I walked into the front room and found Jake guiltily pretending to sleep in his basket and an empty pastry bag tucked half under the sofa.

Jakey sneaky dog!

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest # 5: Zane

by Theresa Burkhardt

The lookout!

The lookout!

We bought Zane from a Texas breeder about the time we found out my mother had cancer.

It was a rough 4 years but during that time I went and sat with my mother bringing along Zane.

With his disposition and gentle spirit, he obediently sat by her side and religiously loved her stroking hand.

Every now and then he would slowly lick her hand and rest his head on the side of her bed and give her that soulful look whippets are known for.

I can only hope this was comforting to my mother when words no longer were able to fill the air. Mom lost her battle and Zaney continues to use his gentle ways to calm spirits when trouble or unrest is brewing.

Many times I will take Zane out and let him run which has got to be the most soothing, poetic sight for me.

To watch him race across the fields, free and graceful is calming. Then I sigh and remember I now have to go get him.

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest #5: Easter Pictures

by Emily Gilchrist
(Dahlonega, GA, USA)

Tillie (aka Attila the Hun) is my first whippet and the love of my life. I get made fun of daily for how much I coddle her. She has such a fantastic personality and a goofy disposition, I'm not sure how I couldn't treat her the way I do. Everyone loves her and tries to steal her away.

On this particular day I was out with some friends of mine who have human children and they were taking Easter pictures. I thought it would be funny to bring Tillie along and take a few shots with her and the baby chicks.

I know whippets have a strong prey drive, but I'm pretty sure she was just curious. She loved to lick and smell the chicks and when they would stand up and flutter their wings she would become startled and very excited.

The day ended with lots of great pictures, but this one is my favorite because it looks like the chicks are kissing.

Tillie is an amazing companion, and I can't wait to finish grad school so I can adopt a brother for her.

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest #5: Pavel and Greta

by Lorena Bybee
(San Jose, Costa Rica)

Mis preciosos!

Ellos son los famosos whippets, que se pasean por la Sabana y por todos lados los vemos en el carro, los perros flacos que tanto admiran los que no conocen la raza en nuestro país.

El perro orgulloso pero flaco, el perro super rápido, pero flaco, el perro que tiene mucha energía pero es flaco, que raros son!

Caminan mucho, hacen mucho ejercicio y están contentos y son flacos.

Los que en el carro tienen una placa y la gente los busca y son los perros que conocieron el otro día en la Sabana.

Los que caminan por todo lado al lado de su dueña, que también es flaca! Que coincidencia! Serán todos iguales: sus dueños y sus perros?

Son mi orgullo, son mis whippets!!

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest # 5: Pip n Jip

by Karen Mcwilliam
(North Lincolnshire)

Jip in the garden

Jip in the garden

Pip is the stereotypical laid back whippet.
She is 4 years old and fawn in colour, she loves a good walk and chasing the odd squirrel but given the chance would sleep all day and night!

Jip is the 14wk old hyper active little pup who terrorizes poor Pip and finds it highly amusing to tear every flower up in my garden!

She's a little star though and has just discovered swimming!
In this warm weather she is usually found sunbathing in the garden.

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Dog Photo Contest # 5: Whippet and the Cat

by Ryan Price
(Knightdale NC USA)

Got Remy as a puppy in 2007.

Almost every morning when I get up to fix breakfast these two are running throughout the house.

He will run up to Chloe, our cat and spin around in circles until she starts chasing him.

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Whippet Dog Photo Contest # 5: Pavel & Greta !

We play together!

We play together!

Hi everyone! We went to the beach for Holy Week.

We had a great time: playing with sand, running after the frisbee disk and the other toys, basking in the sun. We are so lucky. See our pictures..

And, guess what! This weekend we go on a tour again... to the mountain and we will spent time with another whippet dog, Nina.

We enjoy our owner and she enjoys us! It's a mutual health benefit!

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