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And The Winner Is...

Whippet hunting in the grass

Whippet hunting in the grass

We are happy to announce the winner of this edition of our whippet photo contest.

And the winner is...(drum roll)


With the picture of the whippet in the grass and four comments, Joyce wins a lovely leather collar for Enzo.

Thank you for your lovely pictures and stories, it is always a pleasure to receive your entries and comments that add so much to our website!

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Whippet in the Grass

by Joyce

Enzo Hunting in the Grass

Enzo Hunting in the Grass

This is my whippet Enzo.

We called him Enzo like the founder of Ferrari because he reminds us of a race car when he runs around.

Here he is hunting in the grass. His hunting style is pretty amazing.

To see above the grass, he jumps on the spot like if he had four springs under his feet. He is incredible and great fun to watch.

Enzo has been with us five years now and he is my pride and joy, the best dog I ever had.

I hope he wins the collar, I think it would look great on him!

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Whippet Pictures: What Comes Next?

by Robert Winter
(Fonthill, Ontario Canada)

Bentley (the fawn whippet male) and Maverick (his brindle buddy) were hanging out after a run in the fields.

As usual, they settled on the couch for a rest after their run.

I was just going out the door when they both looked up with the expressions you see in the photo which appears that they are both asking "what comes next?"

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Whippet Mania in Texas

by Nancy

We are so thrilled to welcome little Archer into our home with our girls, Jayla and Giselle.

They are the best little snugglers you could ask for and now Archer is spoiled with them.

Archer was my husband's 60th Birthday present to encourage him to get more exercise.

It hasn't worked because now Archer just lays on the sofa with him and watches T.V.

We love our precious Whippets!

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Misha and his Uncle Pavel

by Lorena Bybee
(Costa Rica )

Whippet puppy and uncle, both beautiful for me!

Whippet puppy and uncle, both beautiful for me!

I had the first experience to breed 7 beautiful, cute and gorgeous puppies, from Greta, my Whippet.

Was a first and last experience, why?

I fell in love with everyone of the puppies she had and when it was the time for the puppies to meet their new family I guess I suffer more than Greta.

But this story is not sad at all, I am in contact with the new owners, that's a very good news!

So I see my puppies grow up, and they still play with her mother and uncle.

I still have one of the puppies, Tuvia which is the love of my life!

My 3 whippets make me very happy, I would love to have more space and money to have more whippets, just love them!

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by Kieran Snaith
(Newcastle, England)

flash at Cleethorpes Beach

flash at Cleethorpes Beach

Spitfire flyer is my whippet's stud name.

He was born November 11 2009 and is a show dog, he is currently 3 years old.

When we bought flash he was just 6 weeks old, he was sat in the corner of the room afraid to come to us whilst all the other puppies were jumping up at us.

Flash is loyal, happy, sometimes a huffy dog if he doesn't get his own way, but he is friendly and loves to be stroked.

He is a funny dog but also a lazy dog until you take him for a walk and then he gets this burst of energy from somewhere, I have raced him against 5 lurches and he came first, not bad right?.

Flash can make anyone happy and I am sure all other whippets can as well.

Thank you for taking your time to read this,

Yours sincerely,

Kieran Snaith.

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Monique, the Stylish Whippet

by Antonia
(San Lorenzo, PR)

Monique is a rescue whippet, the picture shows her first day at her new home. She felt right at home! She is extremely sweet and loves her new sisters!

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