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Whippet Dog Photo Contest #10: Announcing the Winner!



Ladies and Gentlemen! And the winner of our 10th Whippet Dog Photo Contest is……

Tigger, the beautiful brindle from California

Tigger with 19 enthusiastic comments wins the Spanish leather collar.

We loved receiving all entries: they made us laugh, smile and realize how special our dogs are.

A special mention goes to the story of Libo the hunter with his picture in his lucky hunting hat.

Delightful and heartwarming were the stories of Gabriel the savior and Indie the rescued whippet.

We would like to thank you to all the participants for their entries.

Aren't all our dogs fantastic? They all deserve a stylish collar!

Keep sending pictures, next contest will be soon online!

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Tigger, my companion

by Ray
(Palo Alto, California, USA)

Life is good

Life is good

Tigger, my whippet, just turned two years old.

I’m retired, so we’ve been constant companions since his 5th month.

He’s incredibly affectionate and cuddly.

He attracts lots of attention when we are in public – I take him everywhere.

People are charmed by his elegant form, striking brindle coat, large luminous eyes and gentle friendly disposition.

He loves meeting people and getting petted.

His calm demeanor changes when we meet another dog. He becomes so excited to meet a potential playmate that he tends to overwhelm them, especially small dogs.

He has a very strong play drive, not to mention a powerful prey drive!

He absolutely quivers with intensity when he sees a squirrel or other small furry critter. I don’t trust him with cats!

He enjoys watching animals on TV. Nature programs are his favorite, especially when they show dogs.

He barks and tries to look behind the TV “I know there’s a dog here”. Otherwise he’s typical of the breed, taking his ease on the couch or better still in my bed under the covers. He likes it even more, if I’m in it at the time.

Great on a cold night, he’s like a warm water bottle.

If I'm not available for a snuggle, my elderly mixed pit, Sara, fills in.

She tolerates him as long as he doesn't get too rambunctious.

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Eliza, now 10 months old

by Gerdien Nikkels
(Voorst, NL)

Eliza is now 10 months old and from a little lady she's is now grown to a playing happy adolescent.

She is fond of playing in the snow and then warm up for the stove.

She is the sunshine in our house.

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Geno the Whippet!

by J Agnew
(St. Petersburg, FL, USA)

Land Ho!

Land Ho!

Geno is our 8 month old Whippet!

He is fearless, witty, and curious.

Who says Whippets aren't meant for water?

Geno loves going on boat rides, and he is one heck of a First Mate!

Snuggling, running, tubing, and playing frisbee are some of his favorite pastimes.

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Rocky Balboa

by Zita

Rocky is a 5 year old whippet, he is very friendly to people and dogs.

Rocky was brought to the market and I thought it was so sad that people where walking with him on the market with a blanket around him in the winter time. So we wanted give him a good life.

And surely he has!

He has his older friend Sara and his own puppies and they all live happily together.

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Hot Dog

by Lucia Hope-Johnstone
(Calgary, Alberta Canada)

My Whippet lives in a very cold country, Canada... temperatures can go as low as - 40 degrees Celsius.

This is an amazing shot of my whippet and his new coat... the photo is not clear but Georgie's expression reminds me of a Modigliani painting.

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Gala, my Little Whippet

by El Diario de Gala

Hello my name is Gala, and I am very happy with my owners, as they have created a website for me.

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The Snackers

by Zoe Sullivan

These are our 3 whippet puppies Twiglett,(left,) Peanut(middle), Marmite(right).

Twiglett & Marmite are brother & sister & are a result of mating my eldest male whippet Skippy.

Skippy has been a wonderful friend who I adore.

He has stood by my side through the death of my mum, also divorce and the struggle to raise 3 teenage daughters amongst all of this.

Anyway a friend of ours had a female whippet that they wanted to breed. So, I said, Skippy is 8 years old never been touched & to be honest I don't know if he's got it in him but I'd love to continue his blood line and I would love to keep a pup so let's see if he can do it .

Well, she had 8 pups. 2 died but 6 survived I ended up with 2 & bought my dad one as well.

So Skippy, the wonder dog, will live on in his babies.

We must not forget little peanut who is from another litter.

We may breed them when they get older but not sure yet. Trust me with 4 whippets in the house there's never a dull moment!

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Fast and Furious Freddie the Whippet

by Chelsea Whipple
(Portland, Oregon, USA)

Ok, this one is a little scary

Ok, this one is a little scary

It may come as no surprise that Freddie the whippet likes to run, but his favorite place is by far the beach.

It's amazing to see him when he gets going and he loves to run as fast as he can up really steep dunes, and then fly down them!

The only problem is that when he gets going so fast, I'm afraid he can't stop himself very easily.

He's still a puppy and when he trips while running, he can tumble four or five times.

Its like watching a crash on Nascar!

I think it looks worse than it is, but I fear that someday he is going to really hurt himself, he's just so clumsy sometimes.

I have heard stories of whippets breaking their legs and then having to be put down, does this really happen?

As far as my fears, I would never take away the thing he loves best. Because to see a whippet run is to see true happiness.

Nothing compares to that look on their face, I guess the pictures can say the rest!

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by Dave
(Boyne Is. QLD Australia)

Meet Winston:he's the first whippet (a couple more to come hopefully) I have had and I don't know what I ever did without him.

He's almost 2 years old and doesn't leave my side when I'm home.

Having such long legs he seems to get tangled up in everything and as all whippet owners know...he's pretty dang fast.

One of the best things about him is that he's afraid of cats...but also wants to play with them, which leads to a lot of laughs.

Getting Winston is one of the best things I have done.

P.S. The beer is empty and had been for a while

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When The Cats Aren't Looking!

by Nancy Paterni
(Houston, Texas)

When The Cats Aren't Looking!

When The Cats Aren't Looking!

Here is my little two year old, Jayla still trying to fit in the cats little tent even though she has outgrown it!

It is the funnest thing that she goes in head first then twists her body around until she is all the way it.

The third picture is her with her Momma, Giselle grazing like cattle in the backyard.

Adorable little Whippets!

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Hey, Indie!

by Matt Stutzman
(Durham, NC)

Matt and Indie

Matt and Indie

I knew I wanted a dog, but what breed?

I took the online "Which breed is best for me" quiz and it told me to get a whippet. My only thought was, "what's a whippet"???

Last Christmas I drove back to spend the holidays with my parents in Indiana. On my way back I happen to pass by a whippet rescue.

I decided to meet the dog for myself, and about two hours later I was the proud owner of the best looking dog I'd ever seen.

I am pretty sure most parents feel their child can do no wrong. For me, it's my dog.

He plays well with other, he is the fastest in the dog park, he is loyal, he asks for permission to eat and go outside, he greats guests with a nose bump, he cleans the cat, he makes room for me on the couch, and he even dances for me everyday when I get home from work.

He is my best friend, he is the best dog I've ever met!!!

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Eight Weeks Old Whippet Puppy

by Chelsea Whipple
(Portland, OR, USA)

Freddie the whippet just had his one year birthday!

This is a photo I stumbled upon recently and thought it was too cute not to share!

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Our Whippet Puppy

by Diana Whellens

We have just had our whippet puppy for four weeks.

Although she was left by the owner in the garden shed with her mother, she has adapted well with the help of the dog crate.

Even though we have just had the crate for a fortnight, she has done great so far.

She goes for walks three/four times a day, she goes to the trainer every week, she is a very confident dog now, loves other dogs
and does not bother the two cats next door.

She is a very loving dog and the training is going well.

She is a part of the Whellens family.

Now she knows where our house is from hundred yards from where we let her off the lead.

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Libo's Rabbit Hunting Hat!

by Raul Guzman
(Finksburg, Maryland, US)

Libo Guzman's Rabbit Hunting Hat

Libo Guzman's Rabbit Hunting Hat

Our 14 month old puppy Libo (Lee-bo) loves to play with his best friend Rocky a 90 pound boxer-mastiff mix.

They both enjoy running around playing fetch and chase with each other and the occasional wrestle. But this day while they were playing chase, they neared a bush in the yard.

Our yard is not fenced in but will be in the spring of 2013. Wouldn't you know it, a rabbit darted out of the bush no more than 5 feet away from Libo.

Well, his instincts kicked in and he ignored Rocky and the rest of the universe for that matter and gave chase to the fluffy white tail bouncing before him.

I was so proud of my puppy and thought to myself "today you become a man Libo".

Now, before I go on I must inform you that I am very proud of my puppy's heritage and the fact that he was breed to catch rabbits.

I've always said that if and when he does catch one (as unfortunate as that may seem) that I would use it as food for Libo.

Since the rabbits are a threat to our garden and our neighbor’s garden, one less rabbit in the neighborhood wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Now, back to the story, as Libo's giving chase to the rabbit and my feeling of pride reaches its pinnacle, both the rabbit and Libo disappear out of sight behind the house.

The thought of Libo coming back into sight on the other side of the house with his prized first rabbit clutched in his mouth makes me smile and shout!

Unfortunately the first thing I see come back in sight is the rabbit, with Libo right on his tail!

The rabbit makes for the edge of the yard where a 67 acre field awaits.

This field was once a farm but hasn't been used for at least a decade, so now it’s filled with tall brush and young saplings.

As the rabbit dives head first into the field, Libo just as he was before is right behind him.

And that was the moment my dreams of feeding Libo his first catch disappeared from my mind.

I knew the rabbit was gone, probably in a den hiding or maybe in one of the many secret tunnels they have in that field. But Libo, he thought he still had a chance.

He never gave up looking for that rabbit. And that was the problem: he NEVER GAVE UP looking for that rabbit!

For the next 30 minutes we stood there next to the field watching a white dart of fur jump between the trees looking for his lost rabbit, ignoring the calls of mommy and daddy.

We eventually gave up on calling him and set forth on a hike to find the determined puppy.

We enlisted the help of Rocky, who at this point also wanted his buddy to stop looking for the rabbit and come back and play.

So, all three of us went looking for Libo and after another 15 minutes of hiking we find Libo out of breath with a look of determination on his face that said "let me take a break daddy and I promise I'll get him".

So at that point we called the play date a wrap and let Rocky go home and we took Libo inside to rest.

When we got inside we washed him up and removed a few small thorns he acquired during his Elmer Fudd inspired Wabbit hunt.

Afterwards I took my hat off and made Libo wear it.

Mommy and I figure that after all that Libo puts us through, he should at least provide us with some amusement.

And that's where the picture is from.

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From John Doe to Angel Gabriel.

by Rebecca Clarke
(Barnsley,South Yorkshire, UK)

Angel Gabriel.

Angel Gabriel.

This is the newest member of the family.

We already have a 3 yr old male whippet,Zac. He looks so glum all on his own and when walking round the park, no other dogs can keep up when he's at full speed.

So we decided to find him a friend. We have picked this little guy, cute as a button. We picked him up on last month but we didn't have a name for him.

For weeks we have picked names, changed our minds and we didn't know what to call him. He was a John Doe.

We found out a few days ago that my Nan(who is like my mum) is terminally ill and that she only has a couple of weeks left.

We realized that this is a gift to keep myself, my hubs and 5 kids comforted.

He is our Angel Gabriel.

So that's exactly what we have decided to call him.

Gabriel which means "god is my strength".

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Dexter's Day Out

by Pam Wilson
(Paignton Devon)

Dexter, my 10 month old whippet enjoying his days out and then enjoying his rest time.

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Who has the remote control?

by Julie Hudson

This is a picture of my whippets Finlay and Bailey.

Finlay the blue and white is the boss.

Where Finlay goes so does Bailey.

They like nothing better than sitting on the sofa, snuggling up and I suspect, laughing to themselves at the sight of us sat on the floor.

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Merlin the whippet

by Annabelle
(United Kingdom)

Our whippet puppy Merlin was only 7 weeks when we got him.

Loads of people have said he is beautiful and I love his markings.

It was only him and his brother left.

I wish we could have had both :( but Merlin was special and a true friend.

I love the breed and hope to get more whippets in the future but Merlin is number 1!

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