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Too Broad?
by: Bertie

Often whippets can appear to be too broad, or a little bit too tall. The obvious answer is that they are American standards, which allow for taller dogs. The other possibility is that they have a genetic mutation of the myostatin gene, which controls muscle growth. This means that if it mutates, or is otherwise defected, the whippet will produce an excess of muscle tissue, making it a bit taller, faster and stronger. Since this is given from parents, if one parent gives it on, your whippet will be very strong, tall and fast.

However, if both parents pass on the mutation, the puppies will be what is called a 'bully whippet'. These are half a whippet bigger and wider, and have 200 times more muscles than a normal whippet, making them look like a dog version of a hulk!

Despite all this, since it is a mutation, these whippets are still 'pedigree'.

I hope I helped with any problems you were worried about concerning your whippet being too big


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